Kutigi 2023: As Nigerlites Yearns For Good Governance,People Oriented Leadership

By Abubakar Yusuf, Abuja

As the people of Niger state sing dirge of underdevelopment,poverty, infrastructural decay and high rate of unemployment in the last five years of APC government in the state.

This negative developement glaringly is a sharp departure from the people oriented leadership witnessed for 16 consecutive years under the PDP governors of Governor Kure and Babangida Aliyu,that turned the power state to the pedestal of infrastructural breakthrough, is now history.

The eventful years is overridden by the five years of maladministration under the present leadership laced with anti democratic, anti people programs and policies, that had dominated the political discourse of Niger state, in the areas of Education,Health, Agriculture, and other social services now at a very critical situation and a low ebb.

This is also compounded by growing insecurity in the state,a sign of a government with lack of political will to drive the potentials and natural resources endowed the state.

The high rate of insecurity of both the people of Niger state and visitors had thrown the state into a no go area for both indigenous and foreign investors, that previously trouped into the power state for Investements on power, education, Agriculture, Mineral resources and other areas of both local and international attractions.

With assess to infrastructural facilities, developement and socal services now a mirage and the blame game heralded the security of lives and properties between the state and the federal government controlled by the APC, it is now left for the citizens to resort to self help towards reversing the ugly trend by 2023. But a journey of thousands miles starts from a day,hence the general clamour for the return of the people’s leadership under PDP with Mohammed Sani Kutigi as the point man for the next Governorship election in 2023.

This is not devoid of the impressive performance by the electorates in Niger state that voted massively for PDP in the 2019 general elections, including the Governorship election that was shrouded in mystery and political manouvres,which obviously denied PDP from the leadership of the state.

But since governance is a continuum,the ruling APC and the leading opposition party PDP knew the strength of supports and now at peck and call,to take advantage of the scenario to return without any resistance in 2023, with Mohammed Sani Kutigi at the forefront of the struggle.

Kutigi’s wealth of experience and political exploits is playing a leading roles that placed him at vantage position to rescue the power state from the current shackles of underdevelopment, insecurity and feign political will under the guise of God Fatherism.

Alas, the adventure towards 2023 election will be easier with majority of the electorates taken to the forefront to liberate the people of once vibrant,robust economy and people oriented leadership through the PDP.

With a tested and trusted resume,the non contestable candidacy of Mohammed Sani Kutigi in the 2023 through a mass ressolution by the PDP will make the exercise more easier to mull for the return of good and people centred leadership in Niger state by 2023.

With an adage that ‘Good things markets itself’ no doubt the likely appearance for the next Governorship election under the much sort PDP in Niger state,will be the best thing that will happen to the people of the state in the next dispensation.

With dual abode of belonging both the elites and the proletariat’s,the stage is now set for the combination of these two formidable class to form a synergy geared towards ressolving the political impasse in Niger state to produce Rt Honourable Mohammed Sani Kutigi as the next Governor.

In the light of this,it is now germane for all and sundry, irrespective of tribal,sectional and party lineages,to bring on board the interest of the state at heart, rather than mere differences to return to leadership with humane disposition with Kutigi leading the front row as the next Executive Governor.

All hands must be on deck from the stakeholders of the state, irrespective of party line,to restore the once secured and hub of Investements state back to it’s lost glory with PDP frontliner, Mohammed Sani Kutigi.

A son of the soil, grassroot politician and mobiliser,down to earth,high level mien,approachable and with high modest conducts, Mohammed Sani Kutigi is fit to occupy the power state in the next dispensation from 2023.

This time the quest to return Niger state to a secure,well governed and rancourless state will be through a well experienced political magician like Mohammed Sani Kutigi.

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