Letter to Sanwo-Olu

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Rev. Fr. Leo Muoneme, S.J.,

St. Francis Catholic Secondary School, Lagos State:

Dear Mr. Sanwo-Olu,

Congratulations on your election as the governor of the largest state economy in Nigeria. You have inherited the legacy of many hardworking predecessors. An authentic leader is one that makes a difference. I beseech you to make a difference in many sectors, including the aspects of transport and security.

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The roads from Isolo to Ejigbo and Ejibo to Ikoton are deplorable and disgraceful. Ikotun roads are dreadful and non-existent. On a rainy day, it is better to use a canoe than to be in a vehicle. The road to Ejigbo from the major express road is like a surface hit by multiple asteroids. The NNPC junction is a magnet of drama 24/7. There are so many hourglass clock effects that make a journey from Isolo to Ikotun take as long as five hours.

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This is a passionate appeal to you to rise to the challenge and fix the deplorable roads across the length and breadth of the state.

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  1. I trust that the Governor (who must be a sensitive man) will respond and rise up to his responsibility as the Commander in Chief of Lagos State.

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