Letting Biafra People Go Now, Will Surely Save A lot Of Lives

Chairman of Dialogue Group in Kaduna, Alhaji Mohammed Mahadi Shehu, has lamented the deep ethno-religious divisions in the country, stating that breaking up the nation may not be such a bad idea.

Shehu disclosed these in an interview published by news on Monday.

He said, “When the amalgamation of Nigeria took place, virtually everybody’s head in this country was not up. In other words, nobody realised the consequences of merging this country.

“But before it was realised, it had been done and it had become a country. Events from 1960 to date have clearly shown that the amalgamation was the biggest mistake of that century and there is nothing wrong in righting the wrong once you realise the wrong is wrong. Amalgamation is wrong.

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“Our togetherness had been fused together not through consultation but through unilateral action of the colonial masters and politicians at that time to serve their immediate needs. That was what happened.

“You will agree with me that from 1966 till date, precisely, it has not been rosy and easy for Nigeria. It has been one form of calamity, tragedy or the other. In fact, now we are at the height of suspicion. We do not trust and believe in each other. We are at each others’ throat and at daggers drawn. Must we allow another war to come before we part?

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“Let us peacefully go on the table, break the Kola, distribute the country for everybody’s peace. If we do not do it now, the future generation will abuse us.

“It is better for Nigeria to break into smaller, smaller countries as much as possible if that will allow us to save properties, lives, relationships and posterity because I do not see any Angel coming now, in human form, to unite Nigeria.”

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