Miracle: Dead man fails to decompose 22 years after burial

The corpse of a muslim man who died in India 22 years ago has failed to decompose in its grave, shocking the locals.

When the body was taken out of the grave in Attara Road in the Baberu area of Banda district, Uttar Pradesh, the exhumers were stunned: the corpse has not decomposed. Even the shroud remains spotlessly white, said a report by Khaleej Times.

The locals are calling the discovery a “miracle” and said that the deceased, Nasir Ahmad, was a “good soul who had Allah’s blessings”.

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The incident took place on Wednesday in the Baberu graveyard where one grave had collapsed owing to incessant rain.

The graveyard committee members were informed and they cleared the mud to find a body wrapped in white shroud. A huge crowd collected at the place as the news spread and the body was taken out.

One of the relatives of Ahmad identified the body and said that he was present when the burial took place 22 years ago.

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In consultation with local clerics, the body was later buried in another nearby grave on Wednesday night.

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