Miyetti Allah Proposed Establishment Of Vigilante Groups In S-East Region Is A Colossal Insult To The Igbo Race

We read with deep sense of anger and insult on the front page of the Vanguard Newspapers of June 21st 2019 a statement credited to the leadership of Miyetti Allah stating their proposal and plan to establish vigilante groups in South-East region of Nigeria.

Consequent upon the above, the Igbo National Council (INC) therefore call on the leadership of the Miyetti Allah to immediately render an unreserved apology to the Igbo race within 24 hours for such criminal, reckless and unguided statement capable of causing a breakdown of law and order or we may be compelled to declare Miyetti Allah persona non grata in Igbo Land. We wish to remind the leadership of the Miyetti Allah that they don’t have the monopoly of violence and cannot deliberately be intimidating Nigerians because of the goodwill to enjoy from the Federal Government.

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On the foregoing, the Igbo National Council (INC) therefore call on the leadership of the various Town Union Governments in ala-Igbo to start intensive mobilization and sensitization of their people on the present danger facing us by the presence of Fulani Herdsmen and members of the Miyetti Allah in any part of Igbo Land.

We therefore urge all community leaders and Town Unions in ala-Igbo to start mobilizing, reconstituting and retraining of their community vigilante groups in readiness against any coordinated or uncoordinated attack or invasion of any Igbo Community in South-East region or Nigeria at large by the Herdsmen, Miyetti Allah or the Fulani Jihadist group. Enough is Enough. Aha Amara Okwaya Anai Eri Onye Nkworo!

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Cdr. Chilos Godsent
President INC

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