More trouble for Rochas Okorocha As Owner Of Zigreat Makes Damning Revelations Of Looted Billions


….Contractor reveals details of the Orji/Amakohia/Akwukuma Flyover Cost N7bn

… Reveal how Billions of Naira Waste Paid For Non Existing Projects

Monday was filled with brevelations at the Probe Panel sitting over contracts awarded during the Rochas Okorocha era when the owner of the elusive Zigreat int’l company, Mr Stanley was put on the stand to answer questions over the alleged multiple contracts awarded to his company between 2011 and 2019.

It could be recalled that soon after former governor Rochas Okorocha left office, shocking details of the number of contracts Zigreat handled in Imo State to the tone of billions of naira started to emerge.

After numerous inquires into the identity of those behind the said Zigreat with its address listed at Ugbelle Street, Ideato South, the owner finally made public appearance.

Zigreat’s owner, a Mr Stanley claimed his company was registered in 2013 when his boss Mr Paschal Obi, who was then the Principal Secretary to Rochas Okorocha allegedly told him provide a company with which Rochas Okorocha will use for contracts.

In the words of Mr Stanley “I submitted my company’s name Zigreat as my boss Paschal Obi demanded the all money paid into the Zigreat account and the names that I disbursed the money to were all contained in my Zenith, Potari and other banks statement of account that I used.”

Mr Stanley denied that his company was ever given a contract by the Okorocha administration and neither did he ever sublet any contract to anybody.

He further alleged that he is still a tenant and has never been rewarded for all the billions his company accounts were used to disburse to people.

He clamined Okorocha’s administration begged him to claim ownership of the contracts when he was taken to EFCC alleging that he didn’t know anything about them.

He further caled that he accepted the government demand because of his boss Paschal Obi.

He further stated that the EFCC didn’t even believe he executed any of the contracts maintaining that he did not execute the contract of the conatruction of the police headquarters building and other contracts supposedly executed by his company, Zigreat.

He then tendered names of those that got the entire money through his company (Zigreat warehouse)

“I only disbursed money but never executed any contract, I don’t even have engineers and workers that handle contracts.”

He stated further that he did not know the people he made payments to but he said he has all their list as evidence.

Mr Stanley stated that in September 2013 when he received the first trench of the contract fund and which he distributed to the names given to him by Imo government House.

His company was only a warehouse money and not for execution of any contract because none was given to Zigreat contrary to the information going making the rounds.

Mr Stanley stated that he is the only signatory to the company’s account further stating that the Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS, was now after him because of tax that he is expected to pay into the Federal government coffers for disbursing such huge amounts of money through the company.

The probe panel commissioners threw some questions at him which included:

  1. Did his company Zigreat receive the sum of 2.5 billion naira for the construction of Imo State University campus at Ngor Okpala LGA?

Mr Stanley claimed that his company never got such money.

  1. Did his company receive money for the construction of Ministry of Tourism which the state government supposedly paid out 7.8 billion naira to Zigreat.

Mr Stanley denied the claim.

  1. Did receive N6.7million for the Ministry of Sports construction?

Again Mr Stanley said it was a lie.

  1. Was the construction of IMSU campus at Onuimo, Okigwe zone which government paid Zigreat Company 2.3 billion naira.

Mr Stanley yet again denied having knowledge of any such money.

He also denied the construction of the N150m Nekede road and the Akachi road construction.

A small drama ensued when the contractor who supposedly handled the Orji/Akwakuma/Amakohia flyover worth over N7bn also denied receiving any money for the contract.

The contractor claimed he didn’t accept the contract.

Years after Okorocha claimed to have completed the project, it remains unused because of its poor quality.

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