‘My Sister Didn’t And Never Tried To Snatch My Husband’ – Chika Lann

Nigerian actress and television personnel, Chika Lann has come out to address Nigerians about the viral video that showed her throwing her sister out of her house.

Recall, HGS Media Plus published a video from Instagram showing the actress throwing her sister out of her house, which led to fans thinking she thrown her out because she was trying to snatch her husband.

HGS Media Plus also said it was not clear if the accusations against the actress’s sister was true or false and that we would provide more details.

Now, Chika Lann in a new video on her IG page has come out to address her fans and Nigerians about the viral video that was taken by an unknown individual.

In the video she shared online, she said:

Hi guys, a quick one, i don’t like to do this, but when it’s regarding my family, i can’t keep quite.

There has been a video going around social media that i sent my sister parking for trying to snatch my husband, wow. OK.

One, I had a fight with my sister and it’s no big deal, we all have problems in our home, and that is what makes us human.

Two, my sister didn’t and will never try to snatch my husband from me, my husband didn’t and will never try to sleep with my sister.

If my husband wants to eat from another pot, he will go outside and do that. But guess what, not when am still living.

So please stop taking advantage of people’s situation to run them down. And to whom so ever that did that video, you can not be my neighbour, I wish you what you wish for yourself.

And may the universe punish you for that, OK? Thank you very much.

This has stirred reactions from social media. While some users think she over reacted towards her sister, others says it is a normal thing between siblings.

Though the actress didn’t say want really happened between she and her sister, but she made it clear that she was not trying to snatch her husband.

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