NDDC Boss Explains Why He Slumped During Probe

NDDC Boss Explains Why He Slumped During Probe

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Managing Director, Daniel Pondei, has pleaded with Nigerians not to take the slump which occurred during his probe in late July 2020 as a fake one.

Daniel Pondei and other officials of NDDC were put under probe for mismanaging funds that were to be used for the development of the Niger Delta regions.

When Daniel Pondei appeared before the House committee before he could answer a question he slumped which was televised globally.

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His slump stared mixed reaction among Nigerians which some were of the opinion that Daniel Slumped due to his atrocities while some were of the opinion that he slumped due to health-related conditions.

However, He was subsequently not re-invited because he had submitted a written address to the committee.

In an interview with Newsmen, Pondei said he was shocked to see allegations that he faked the health problem.

“I had an unexplained, unexpected health challenge. It is ridiculous to think that people believed I was acting.

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“I would not pray for anyone to experience what I went through.

“I do not run from issues. I have put all that behind me,” he said.

Pondei dismissed all the ‘laughable’ allegations that have been made against the NDDC under his leadership.

He said his attempts to improve the commission when he took over this year is responsible for the face-off with the legislature, with both the upper and lower chambers of the National Assembly probing the commission.

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“The NDDC was a place for political patronage and raising war chests for elections,” he said.

Pondei noted that gratification had been a ‘routine procedure’ at the commission and that he’s been trying hard to reduce interaction between staff and contractors.

Pondei clarified Nigerians that the commission spent over N59.1 billion between February and May just to pay contractors.

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