Newsfield Media Creating Social Media Awareness Benefits To Imo Local Government Councils

Newsfield Media

As the global communities take advantage of social media to energies and grow her economy towards making life better and worth living for her populace ,it becomes imperative for the need to sensitise our local communities to embrace social media via taking advantage of its huge benefits to develop her local economic productions both human and capital resources.

Before now most nations have embarked on policies to embrace international relations with the view of acquiring technological transfers which are very vital to human and capital developments and to build her educational institutions towards increasing productivity. However most of the huge sum spent to acquire these technologies were flushed into the drain for lack of relevance of such technologies to the subscribers.

It is obvious that huge amount of money have been lost via importing experts from different nations of the world to train and impart technological knowledge. Most times the safety and harsh weather conditions may limit the quality of such personels in discharging their duties. The time frame too may pose another setback as the technology question may be hurriedly disposed to the subscribers without proper test running it’s working values for the proposed acquisition.

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Knowledge we agree
is power if it is rightly chanelled towards a valuable purpose and the right type of such valuable knowledge do not come without huge spending of monies hence ignorance thrives in most poor nations who may find it difficult to embark on such expenditures thereby further throws them so many years behind developed nations.

The advent of Social Media has brought succor to many nations of the world and has contributed towards making governance easier and making the people partners to democratic governance. Unlike like in the past one need not to go to a city to search for jobs but can do so at the comfort of his bedroom and in his village locations. Social Media has done so much in cultural exchanges and has also brought technology to our door steps.

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Newsfield Media Limited the publishers of Newsfield papers and magazines is rolling out a power packed information to local governments in Nigeria using Imo State as a case study to educate our Local governments on the needs to embrace and take advantage of the enormous values to fastrack developments in their areas.
This workshop as planned in conjunction with some governmental agencies will in no doubt be of huge benefits to our Local governments especially now Social Media is changing the developmental landscape of so many nations of the world.

The presence of some notable international scholars and guest speakers including the State governor will in no doubt give credence to the workshop.
Newsfield Media Limited with her crop of well-bred correspondents and reporters are really poised to electrify the audience with life changing information to drive home rapid and global development to our area councils.

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As we look forward to this epoch workshop ,come December 1 2020 we commend the chief executive of Newsfield Media Limited Hon. Comrade Finian Chuks for this timely and thoughtful venture especially now Social Media is becoming a veritable instrument for economic and social development in the world.
Newsfield Magazine has remained unbiased on publications and are one of the vangards against hate speech and sadism in journalism.

Scripted by
High Chief Marcel Nwokorie ( Social Analysts and Media Influncer for Newsfield Limited)

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