Nigeria @61: Cultivate Your Own Garden And Let The World Go By, Nigeria Must Survive


Happy Independence day celebrations to all my friends and faithful readers here on WhatsApp. You’re all great people who are so loved by the Lord, the keeper of the universe. It is a world without end. It’s only you, yourself, who can forcefully put an end to your world by yourself. By the things you do. Or the way you do the things you do. The choice is yours. And that doesn’t concern nature. It goes on without you, by propelling the forces that sustains the earth to create the variety in order to reduce monotony and combustion in the case of population explosion. And death is the sure way to achieve that end. You’re lucky to be here. I sincerely thank the Lord for having you.

THIS is the only place in the whole of creation or existence where things are happening. Life out of this earth is boring. It is so because they’re no new things. There is sterility in terms of pleasure. Everybody in the ethereality is working to make the earth better. And watches how much it can get from the earth in terms of recognition by the inhabitants. That’s how honourable you are to nature or the Lord of all Creation. Take your place.

MAY the Lord continue to keep you and our dear country Nigeria safe and progressive devoid of the Devil’s antics or interferences.

MAY the Lord give us the wisdom and strength of character to love our dear country with all our hearts and mind. And may He help us to do unto all our brethren who seek our assistance for those of us who are opportuned and privileged to be where we are today, that which we had wished done unto us in case of a reverse. This is so important in order to keep the entire space into which we were born as Nigerians conducive, friendly, accommodating and racy. For that is the charge spelt out in the word of God And that is prophetic living.

WHAT you do today would determine the treatment your SOUL receives from nature when you shall die, whenever that may be. You’ll either remain permanently in the grave or reincarnate back to this earth in the next ten months or so of your being buried after your death, by the forces you’ve generated through your deeds – good or evil – to either stagnate or continue where you had stopped or be placed by destiny higher than what you are or had accomplished in this particular life time prior to your transition. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if that becomes your goal now? What else are you looking for?

TURN to your SOUL and get contentment in return, when you do so diligently. Otherwise, the gods will play ping-pung with it and keep you in perpetual servitude where you’ll crave ceaselessly and engaged in a series of fights with all kinds of demons who maybe standing on the way. Is that what you want? To be fighting over perishable things that adds no value and are of no consequence to what your SOUL requires to exert its authority and give you the independence you require to operate unhindered as a god that you are in your world?

BE more concerned now about your SOUL than what the body needs. You’ve given it enough. It is proned to death. But the Soul lives forever. And the question is, where would you love your SOUL to live after your death? Is it where it will be bound to the grave where you’re made to add to populate the Demonic world?

WAIT a minute. Let me contemplate something logical here. We crave for more in life or agitate often because we are not satisfied. We feel unsatisfied! Or something in us tells us that what we have at the moment isn’t enough, this urging us to go for more. And until we get it or attain that goal, we’ll continue to feel unsatisfied. What really creates such insatiability. Obviously what is lacking here is “Contentment”. We are never contented with what we have. We always look for more. Some say variety is the spice of life. But that is not exactly what is responsible for the unending desire to get that which we do not need in the true sense of it. This situation prompts many to describe such attitude as creed.

WHY the physical body is susceptible to pressures from different external sources including materialism is because the SOUL-Person has not been taken care of. It is the SOUL that has the powers to resist the pressure put on the flesh by certain forces to cause it to transgress and bring it in conflict with natural laws. How then do we take care of our SOULS? One of the ways in which we as human beings can help our SOUL-Person to stabilise and play its natural role is by doing what Christ said we should do most of which are commonly spelt out in all the good books inferring the tenets of their various religious inclinations with the intention to lift up the “SOUL-Person”. The SOUL must be given its due. Otherwise we crave in vain and transgress variously in the process. And we can only do so by living a life of repentance. By that I mean, a life that makes us guilty whenever we catch ourselves doing unto others that which we forbid to have ever been done to us. Or to do unto others that which we want done unto us. And it is simply by “upholding Integrity and showing Empathy”. That is to say, let your yes, be yes. Under no circumstances should you say no when you’ve committed yourself to the obligation of adopting yes as your stand.

To explain further, Empathy in this context, is applicable to what we’re dealing with here and adjudged as the act of one deliberately dealing with people on the basis of the impact the situation you’re about to deal with has on the person or thing which requires your interference as one who is capable with an attitude which is reflective of how you would’ve loved to be treated in a similar case as if you were in that situation. Your expectation and the manner of concern you would’ve required is exactly what you’re offering to the victim or person involved. Which is what you had opted to render to whoever needed your concern or help at all time. And nothing less. You see, that’s where the altitude of selflessness is derived. Except you’re not in the position to do so for obvious reasons. But whenever you choose to do so, it carries the strictest show of empathy or your concerns are thus exhibited empathetically. That’s all.

IN THIS case, the good spirits or the “Holy Spirit” would now come to your rescue to help you perfect that determination. Which could possibly be facing what is commonly described as they say: “the mind maybe willing but the flesh is weak.” Which is what will now give your SOUL-Person the strength to operate authoritatively without the interferences of external forces to whichever dimensions of operation. Because it will now be energized by the Holy Spirit with instructions from the void. Which will now be acting or becomes the replication of the “Holy Ghost which is know as the Lord” who operates in the void unseen by any mortal together with those evil forces you fear. All of who have positioned themselves as principalities and powers. And the Rulers of the various unseen kingdoms including those of light and Darkness. But the Lord encircles them all for annihilation where and when necessary. Except “You, in whom He lives and has His being in you as your SOUL-Person”. Can you see where you are and your position in the Lord of all creation?

TO put it clearly, the Holy Spirit is to the Lord of Host who is the unseen force in control of the entire creation and life, just as the Physical Body of a person is to the SOUL of such person represented in the Spirit world, wherever that is. Much as the Holy spirit could act independently based on the situation on ground as occasions demands, but generally takes direction from the Holy Ghost which is the Lord that operates in the void as a Ghost and Holy. So too is the flesh to the SOUL. It can’t act at the spur of the moment in response to external influences without the SOUL being aware who often cautioned it through an inner din using the conscience. The flesh takes dictations or is subjected to the SOUL force mostly over matters that are grievous with potentials to upset the entire configuration in the partnership as it were. All in the Spirit. I am not referring to the physical components that makes up the physical man, namely the brains and all other complimenting potentials in the human being.

THE more desperate you are in attaining whatever it is you thought is desirous from the many unending material inducements hovering in the direction of your focus in an attempt to satisfy the human body or quest, the more easily the Devil’s tricks of enslavement of your physical person to things of the flesh succeeds. And whose things catches up with you in total negligence of the demands of the SOUL. And therefore becomes a distortions and advertence with your purpose in creation and your supposed stand in life here on earth as a “god” that you truly are unknown to you perhaps.

IT is therefore high time you begin to think about your SOUL. Nourish it with the suggestions offered by the mater in the scriptures and other books with similar good intentions including your own discoveries. You’ve got enough to take care of your needs. What else do you still want? Turn now in the direction of the SOUL in order to guarantee your continual living here on earth after death. Churchianity nor all the prechificity is not the answer or the worship in the synagogue or mosques, but “you”, what you do with your life. There is not much time left. Do something now!

THE Lord of Host continue to bless you all. And Nigeria. Our Nigeria and its present leaders; AMEN…!
End Time Message!”


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