Nigeria lacks well-trained teachers, schools –Atiku

Former vice president Atiku Abubakar has said that Nigeria did not have enough well trained teachers and modern schools. Atiku in an address at the graduation ceremony of Baze University, Abuja, regretted that Nigerian children did not have desks and textbooks or access to the internet. “Worse still, girls and women in Nigeria lag even far behind in education, father behind in health, in political participation, and in the labour force,” he added. According to him, while male illiteracy rate is 29 percent, female illiteracy is 48 percent, adding that both figures are alarming.

Atiku stated that in the face of the educational disas-ter, Nigeria’s spending in the sector is the lowest in the last decade. “Education spending is declining. It’s almost unimaginable. “Nigeria is at a critical moment in our history. Whether our growing population will be educated or illiterate, whether they will be employed or permanently out of work, at peace or at war with one another, all this will depend on what happens right now and in the next few years,” he said.

The former vice president however said there are solutions to the problems, and listed three priorities in addressing the educational crisis. He called on the Federal Government to make education a national priority through better funding and holding the people accountable.

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