Nigeria’s Most Wanted Armed Robber, Shina Rambo Resurfaces As A Pastor

Shina Rambo

Nigeria’s most wanted criminal in the 1990s, Shina Rambo, has resurfaced in the Ekiti capital claiming to have seen the light of God.

In an interview on Sunday night on a Yoruba program observed on Fresh FM Radio, Ado Ekiti, and anchored personally by ace gospel singer, Yinka Ayefele.

Rambo, who gave his real name as Oluwasina Oluwagbemiga, confirmed himself as the once terrifying armed robber who rocked Nigeria.

He said so many people, especially the police, would be surprised to hear that the same man they claimed to have killed on a number of occasions was still alive today.

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Claiming that he was now a complete child of God preaching the gospel in prisons and other reform centres, Rambo, who gave 1958 as his year of birth, said he was born as a native of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, but was raised in Benin city.

”My father was a prominent person, and a soldier moving from one part of the country to the other. In my attempt to acquire black power then, I went to a total of 21 places, prominent among which were Minna, Niger state, and later Oro, in present day Kwara.

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”I was in one of those places for 91 days in Idanre, Ondo state, where we were mandated to be sucking the milk of a possessed woman’s breast, as our only food and water, so occult powers can transmit to our body.

”At the end of the whole exercise, I possessed a total of 901 power images that can be used to cajole or disappear at a scene of crime and project the image of another person. So, if I was killed at a particular point, I had the powers to resurface in another place in another form”, he said.

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Rambo expressed regret over his roles in a series of deadly crimes that held the country in chaos for years, claiming that he was misguided by evil spirits.

He said the moment he accepted Christ, he realized he had no more occult powers as the spirit of God suddenly descended on him directing him to drop all his bad habits and start preaching about God.

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