Nnamdi Kalu Reacts Over The Skirmish At Orlu

orlu killing

Mazi Nnamdi Kalu, the Chief Security officer of the Eastern Zone has openly accosted the parliament as he usually do, accusing them of deceit and revealing their slow and steady evasion towards conquering the whole Nigeria through the intake of Lands by the Fulani herders.

More precisely, he appreciated the stout efforts of the ESN Soldiers who has unwaveringly held open fire with the Nigerian Soldiers, whose agenda was to come and impose threats on the people within Orlu Zone, for the incessant killings of some of there Comrades last year December.

Mazi Nnamdi Kalu in a life broadcast censured the Nigerian Custodians, and then addition said that ” Now they know that Orlu can never be another Obigbo and those that doubted our resolve should know better”.

Furthermore, he charged everyone in the South East to duty, cheering them on how these people are gradually creeping in to take over the whole Nation and said also that the protection of the South East is the responsibility of the Youth.

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