No Igbo Man Is Qualified For 2023 Presidency

2023 Presidency Igbo

It may sound as a shock but we must face the reality, no Igbo man is ready for the presidency. The highest they can get is a vice because most of those interested love playing second fiddle to the major candidates.

Even the Igbo population don’t trust the major candidates not to talk of other regions in the country.

Look at Rochas Okorocha who is interested in the seat. He is already embattled with EFCC and fighting with the present Imo government. Due to the fact that he wanted to install his son-in-law as the governor of Imo state he lost the trust of majority of his people and without good foundation from home then you can’t win .

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Another to name there is Orji Uzor Kalu, buy he shares similar faith with Okorocha. Recently he wanted to install his brother as the member representing Aba North and South in the federal house of Representative and he failed. This also shows he has lost his popularity in Abia state, people don’t see him as a good candidate to go to presidency and without the support of his own people he is already handicapped.

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Kingsley Moghalu could be the best name from the East but he does not have the platform to push his ambition and may also not have the financial power to challenge those at the top. But mentally, he is more sound than any other candidate except for those who we don’t know as they are yet to give us sign that they are interested.

The thing Igbos must understand is that emotions don’t win election. Playing emotional politics will always keep them behind.

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