Ohanaeze: Rochas & Chidi Ibe’s Purported Rejection Of Peace Parley With Gov Umahi In Owerri, A Hoax

By Barr Umezuo Kingsley

“A thief must always begat a thief if not a terrible one.”

“When a man’s actions are not noticed after bringing out his best, he begins to blackmail those he suspects are behind his woes”

People should stop over estimating some known fraudsters, bullies and opportunists like Rochas Okorocha and his handbag, Chidi Ibe who find every chance attractive to perpetuate their evil mechanizations.

These dubious people are not worthy to be accorded much respect when issues of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide is mentioned.

What people should be asking is, who is Chidi Ibe, an errand boy to Rochas Okorocha, a non Igbo blood according to online report to decide how our socio-cultural organization should be handled?

What credentials does he have to stand as qualified to be discussing issues concerning the only body uniting every Igbo sons and daughters apart from being a Commissioner under Rochas Okorocha as Governor?

The internet is awash over a fictional story of how ordinary errant boy, Chidi Ibe “rebuffed” Chairman of South East Governor’s forum, Dr Dave Umahi in Owerri for an issue only existing on the social media.

They coined the fake story in such a way it almost “appeared real” all in a bid to curry undue relevance and recognition. It is a pity for them to dream that people like Gov Umahi, Gov Uzodinma, Prof Obiozor and other critical stakeholders in Igbo land could seat on the same roll of arrangement to discuss nonsense.

Their dubiousness in dropping the names of other Governors within the enclave of Ohanaeze Ndigbo jurisdictions is an evidence that they are looking for available channels to publicize their wobbling cartel and fraudulent ideology.

A sane person will speedily jettison the said nonsensical fiction in form of story as useless after going through it…why?

Because, it will be hard to believe that Governor Umahi who earlier endorsed Prof George Obiozor months before Ohanaeze Ndigbo election could turn around to call Chidi Ibe for settlement…for what? The answer is no!

How is it possible to believe the rubbish superimposed fiction that Governor Umahi after coming to Dan Anyiam Stadium, in Owerri with delegates from Ebonyi state to vote for Prof Obiozor could stoop too low to call Rochas Okorocha’s created lame faction for a truce? The answer is no!

Even if Governor Umahi is under any spell which is not possible, could he had ever nursed the idea of recognizing Rochas Okorocha’s non existing fraudulent faction of any relevance, knowing fully well that the election of Prof George Obiozor followed all constitutional requirements and is not in any way threatened? The answer is no!

From the way Rochas Okorocha and his boy, Chidi Ibe are going, one will easily understand that they are stocked and desperately seeking for sheer recognition, and when non is coming their way, they cook up fictitious story of how they have been appeased to embrace peace when non existed and field the gullible public.

Their actions show that they are no longer comfortable that their bad hassles, nuisances and struggles do not have any possibilities of penetrating to the public. As it stands, no one takes them serious anymore having discovered high degree of confusion and spell within them.

The calibers of Governors Umahi, Uzodinma and Prof Obiozor are too busy with relevant programmes on how to make the Igbo land the envy of others, hence do not have time to engage or respond fugitives who are sale-outs!

The characters of Rochas Okorocha and his boy, Chidi Ibe are becoming nauseating and pugnacious, hence the time to purge them off is near.

The challenge here is, if Rochas Okorocha and his man-woman friend are legitimately laying claims to the position of President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, they should organize a program and see how many notable Igbo sons and daughters will be in attendance.

Sadly indeed, Rochas Okorocha and his obnoxious group have become a pornographic cinema only the prostitutes and sex addicted gangsters can watch.

The concern of every average Igbo person is not the end point of the duo, but the shamelessness and stupidity of their characters which the outsiders are beginning to query.

An Igbo proverb has it that, a thief is not ashamed of his behavior, but his relations are always humiliated by his public odium.

Just Leave Matter For Mathias!!!

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