Ondo 2020: APC Will Lose Over Anti-people Policies -Segun Sowumi

Ondo 2020: APC Will Lose Over Anti-people Policies -Segun Sowumi

Akure- Spokesman for former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, Mr. Segun Sowumi has declared that the people of Ondo State would vote out the All Progressives Congress (APC) government in the October 10, 2020 due to its anti-people policies.

He said the recent hike in fuel price and electricity tariff would affect the performance of the APC in the poll.

Sowumi handed down the verdict on Monday while addressing a section of the media in Akure the state capital on the October 10 gubernatorial election in the state.

According to him, “If a governor has been elected for the past four years, a second term election for him is a referendum. Because the people can engage in whatever he has been doing and take a decision on it. Has he done well to the people on education, health? The answer is no. Has he done well to the people on poverty alleviation, social harmony? The answer is no.

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“Everywhere you turn, you hear people say they’ve been hijacked by a filially of family relationship that leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

“When you look at their programmes and policies. Political parties run on ideology and manifesto, no descent Nigerian would say he’s happy with APC. And there’s nothing to differentiate between APC at the national and the APC at the state because they are like two sides of same coin.

“You can’t have the people of Ondo deal with increase in fuel price and electricity tariff occasioned by the Federal Government, and then have their governor increased their school fees by 500 percent and cancelled the Mother and Child programme for the people. There’s a pattern in APC, they are anti-people.”

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Sowumi stated that the Peoples Democratic Party’s standard bearer, Eyitayo Jegede was that right person the people of the state needed to turn their fortune round.

He said: “It’s the turn of the man who can get the job done. The difference between Jegede and their candidate is beyond the primordial sentiment.

“A governor in Ondo must be good enough for all the tribes in Ondo and even for all the settlers, visitors and every resident of the state. Except you don’t know who the Ondo people are.

“The conglomeration of people who formed Ondo are very principled, determined people and fiercely independent. Yes, some small sentiments would play, but not big enough to override competence, capacity, good character, what you call Omoluabiism.”

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The PDP chieftain noted that the reception being received by Jegede in everywhere he went had revealed that the people of the state had made up their mind to reject the APC-led government in the state.

According Sowumi, “I will tell you that perhaps not winning the first time was a blessing in disguise, because wherever we went with our candidate, Eyitayo Jegede, the reception has been really heavy. The people troop out. The energy level is great.

“Across all levels, even against the pattern that in some areas that everyone goes with their sons even in Owo. I must tell you, this is different. We will do well. Ondo people are ready for us and we are ready to serve them.”

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