Online Slot Myths Debunked

It’s always fun to play slots, and that’s how it should be. Trying to play just to win because you want a life changing sum of money to suddenly fall into your lap, or playing to chase losses, or playing because you have an addiction to slots is just not what they are meant to be about. They are a game, pure and simple, and just because you can win big it really doesn’t mean you will – and most of the time you won’t. 

Yet despite the simplicity of slots from the way they’re played to exactly what they are, there are lots of different myths that have grown up around them which could confuse people or even put them off playing – join King Casino. Alternatively, they might persuade people to play who really shouldn’t. Here are some of the myths debunked to help you.

Slot Games Can Be Due A Win

The idea that slot games are sometimes due a win because they haven’t paid out any prizes for a while is perhaps the biggest myth of them all. It’s something that many people believe, but it’s nowhere near the truth. The truth is this is not how slots work since they operate on a random number generator (RNG) so every single spin is entirely random and the symbols’ position at the end can’t be predicted. 

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This means no machine is every going to be due a win. It can’t be programmed this way because of the RNG system in place. You would have to override this system in order to make any slot pay out after a specific amount of time, and that’s against the rules. Developer and casinos wouldn’t do it as it could mean they would be fined and even shut down. So even if you play for many hours, investing every penny you have because you think that, eventually, the slot will pay you out a small fortune if you can just play for long enough, this is not the truth at all. 

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Land Based Slots Are Better Payers Than Online Slots

The myth that land based slots pay out more money and more often than online slots is one that has been circulating for a little while now. It might feel this way, because when you are playing in a land based casino you can hear the people around you winning – their cheers of joy and the coins tumbling out are extremely evocative. Online you can’t see when other people win, so it might feel as though there is less chance of winning when playing in this way. 

This is a misconception, of course. Since both land based slots and online slot use the same RNG system as mentioned above, neither is going to be paying out more than anything else. It just feels this way because of what your senses are telling you. 

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Slot Games Pay Out At Certain Times Of Day

This is yet another myth that comes from the idea that somehow slots can be rigged or predicted. Since we already know for a fact that this is not true, we can do away with the idea that slots pay out more at certain times of the day than at others. 

The idea behind this myth might come from bingo, which does has ‘peak’ times where more games are won, but that is down to how many players are involved in the game. In slots there is only ever one player, so it won’t make any difference either way.

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