Open letter To His Excellency Abdul-Fatah El-Sisi,Addis Ababa

Open letter

The Chairman African Union.

His Excellency Abdul-Fatah El-SiSi,
Addis Ababa.

The black man certainly has to pay dear for carrying the white man’s burden (George Padmore1936).

I salute you with severe pains and agony as an African child which top most priority is to see Africa and African’s live in peace and harmony with each other base on the principles and element of Pan Africanism

Mr Chairman sir, I pick my pen to pencil down the stand of National Association of University students(NAUS) World Wide Concerning the re- occurrence of attacks on humanity not only blacks Africans by south Africa’s which is against Article 2, 18,(3), Article 3,5,10 of the African Charter on Human Rights.

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And by laying strong emphasis on Article 14,15 of African Charter On Human And Peoples Rights.

On behalf of NAUS GLOBALLY, I use this medium to condole with you and other African leaders excluding South-african government over murder and looting of properties of other African National.

It will be courageous,creative attempt for African Union to respond to all the intricacies of violence against fellow Black’s race which has generated tension in African continents.

It is under Your Leadership as Chairman of African Union, that these vicious and ungodly attacks on African’s has worsened to an Epic and nothing strong has been done to checkmate this Xenophobic attacks that is raping our unity due to negligence of south African government.

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Despite all agitations by differents pressure group just little effort have been made to curtail the menace as such National Association of University students(NAUS) give you three weeks to address Africans World Wide and put off machineries on ground to end xenophobic attacks if not the Association will be obliged to push for inter African students protest to demand for your resignation as the Chairman of African Union.

These attacks have cause Damages to our unity than post-colonial slavery looking at the deaths profiles and property lost out to this heinous crime on humanity.

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As a Pan African students wing world wide, we urged you to give consideration to the aforementioned with high level of seriousness and commitments to bring the end of Xenophobic tendencies in Africa.

Yours in National Building.





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