Our Stand On #RevolutionNow

We tend to get sentimental unnecessarily. We listen to the heart but not the head. I have absolutely nothing against Sowore, he has done well for himself.That being said, we Nigerians must understand that we all can’t think alike – our experience, exposure, professional life, education, immediate environment would reflect in our action, reaction and decision making.The fact that you have a different view doesn’t make you wrong and the fact that I do not buy into your idea doesn’t make me your enemy either.For some of us supporting the current government, we have our reasons. We are Nigerians too and it’s our right to associate socially and politically, we deserve to be heard – that we are supporting and promoting the government doesn’t make us the enemy of the state or against the people.

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Here are the facts but sadly I had to put it in black and white even for those who have degrees but failed to see beyond their nose.

1. We have a common agenda, our approach is different

2. You desire violence, we are taking the dialogue route

2. No Government ever listen to the enemy/opposition in this part of the world but friendly faces and voices

3. Being a party man doesn’t make us corrupt or a sellout

4. You can’t be claiming to be different and be forcing your ideology and wish on others. They have a choice too

5. You can’t be claiming to be different and be forcing your ideology and wish on others. They have a choice too

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6. We personally have no issue in people promoting their ideology via other platforms, I have many as friends online and offline

7. Nigeria is NOT your regular country, in here the people are different, we act differently and reason in a unique way. Therefore, we must consider local factors when taking decisions

8. The truth is Nigerians are NOT the revolutionary kind, you can take that to the bank

9. To get the young generation on the same page (These are the people you need most in a revolution), it has to be money issue or anything related to social activities – this is a fact-

10. Nigeria system is a winner take it all system, you are either in or you are out, there is no middle ground

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11. Insulting others because they refused to buy into your ideology is giving them more valid reasons to stay away from you and your group

12. Radical approach never worked and won’t start now in Nigeria. Read on Gani Fawehinmi and co

Neither of us is wrong, we just have different approach and path but heading in the same direction.Hitting the streets and destroying properties and putting the lives of the people in danger is not my kind of approach and won’t be a party to that.Nigeria will be great but NOT without Nigerians being ready to make it great.

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