Photos Of Northerners Stopping Trucks From Supplying Food Items To South-West

The Northern Nigeria is dominated by the majority hausa/fulanis who are specialized in farming system.

After the border closure, these group of people engaged in a massive food production in order to boast our nation’s economy.

It was gathered that after the recent attacks on the hausa/fulani community in the south.

Truck drivers started diverting their goods and all consumables to the neigbouring countries of Niger Republic and Cameroon.

This photos were uploaded by Arewa Media writers showing group of northern vigilantes blocking food item-laden trucks from going south.

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According to them, this can be the only means to pay back the wrong doing of the southerners.

As a patriotic Nigerian, I want to use this medium to call the attention of my fellow country men to kindly avoid anything that will led stage of anarchy in our dear nation.

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