Photos: Police Arrested A Boy Who Try To Kill His Boss For Money In Lagos

A boy identified as Charles was arrested by police for trying to kill his boss in Lagos

according to the victim who spoke to the police while in the hospital, said.
the boy was his servant who served him for one year and six month. before he finds out he was saving his money which makes him send him back to the village, after some weeks later the boy came back and attacked him in his home on Sunday 16 December 2018. according to the victim the boy came when everyone has gone to church, he said only him and his wife was in the house when the boy came and when he asked him why he came back to his house after he had sent him back to the village, 

he said he only comes to greet them, which make him to leave him to stay and his wife also served him food to eat before she went out, he said when he asked the boy what brings him to Lagos, he said he came back because he wants him to give him some money to start his own business, which makes (the victim) to tell him he don’t have any money to give him after all the money he stole from him, even if he wants to give him anything, he will only do that when his family his around, so he will have to go back to the village and tell his family to come to Lagos or call him on phone, while he (the victim) bend down to write his number for him, he said the boy stab him with knife on his chest, on the process he try to stand up, the boy pushed him and stab him twice on the back, he managed to stand up and drag the knife with the boy and he got the chance to break the knife so in the process the boy try to run and he (the victim) blocked him from escaping by then a woman in the compound had already notice something is wrong and she raise alarm, the boy tries to escape but boys in the compound caught him before the police came and took him away and some men in the compound rushed him (the victim) to the hospital. the boy was still in the police custody and will be charge to court on January 15.
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