President Buhari Has Failed Again


The most trending news on air today is the news about corona virus (covid-19), which didn’t break out today but in December 2019. People called it different names. Trump called it a Chinese virus and even went ahead to call it a hoax. The Chinese were lax in their early attitude toward the virus, to the Chinese government it was a conspiracy theory, even the whistle blowing doctor was arrested for fake news. Alas the Chinese found out it was real but to the rest of the world it was a joke to them. The rest of the world carried on with their activities initially apart from the Chinese who did everything to control and stem the virus. What the Chinese has done may be magical. As it could birth another conspiracy theory but what they did is not the focus of this article. The virus quickly created a pattern; it showed us the hotspot zones which includes China, USA, Italy, Spain, England and Iran. What did our government do after finding out the hotspots they went to sleep and asked us not to panic. Pleas to close the borders and restrict people coming in from the nations most hit with the virus fell on deaf ears. We had all the time to prepare for this deadly virus but our government chose to fold their hands and watch. We experienced the first casualty of the virus yesterday. Yes somebody died yesterday due to Covid-19. God forbid that another die, but how many more will die we cannot tell and who would you blame for this? For me I will blame the president. If it took the president weeks to address us as a nation then I wonder how many weeks it will take us to control the virus. Now the whole world is on lockdown Nigeria not excluded but we had time to prepare. But just like Italy and the rest of Europe we were lax in attitude. Italy is overwhelmed, US, is overwhelmed same as UK, Iran and Spain and now all we can do is hope against hope it don’t hit us hard because if it does we will barely survive it. The US has budgeted $1trillion for social intervention and control of the virus and Spain has $200 billion in it kit, don’t forget our national budget is just about $35 billion which means we are not as rich as any of the nations above. Now everyone is thinking what might have been had the president closed our borders and restricted travelling from the hotspot nation and now over 200 million Nigerians are suffering from the laxity of one man. The port of entry has been the nation’s most hit by the virus as the first person that tested positive was an Italian invariably closing our borders and restricting travels from the hotspot might have saved us from the virus but our president had something else in mind. How we let the Italian enter the country with the virus is a question best left for the government to answer. From 1 to 35 cases yesterday, I wonder how many cases we will record today, even as I hope that the FG don’t suppress the real figure of infected persons just to keep us relaxed. Nigerians should hold the president responsible for any death that occurs due to the virus because just like every other time he has failed us again.
Please stay safe and take every necessary precaution, remember prevention is better than cure

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