Press Statement On Nigerias Democracy Issued On The 12th Day Of June 2021 By The National Association Of Nigerian Students


Great Nigerian students!
Today affords us another opportunity to retrospect on our journey so far as a nation and as Nigerians. We today lividly remember where we started from as a nation, the struggles and sacrifices of our heroes past; where we are today, the unfathomable damage done to the fabrics of our nation by our leaders; and where we are headed, alas for doom if nothing is done urgently!
The leadership of NANS, in the spirit of optimism nonetheless brings you all special greetings of solidarity even as we celebrate Nigerias 2021 democracy day.
Obviously, Nigerians and Nigerian students are livid and irate because our joy has been turned to sorrows and our hearts broken by the pain and brutality that our fellow students have suffered in recent times ranging from the abduction of Students of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, #ABU 7, to the abduction of over 20 students of Greenfield University, down to Niger state and several other states. So many students have also lost their lives as a result of the clashes between the security agents and unknown gun men which have led to Nigerian students living in perpetual fear.

Painfully, we live in a nation where students numbering over 200 can be easily kidnapped and taken out of their schools/town without any form of resistance from the security agencies, this calls for serious concern. We have waited so long for the security around schools to be greatly improved to ensure our students are secured but we have seen little or no improvement.
These incessant cases of banditry, herdsmen attacks, operations of the unknown gun men and kidnapping of our students calls for a radical and urgent move by the government to salvage the situation. We have been daunted by the unending news of killings across the length and breadth of the nation such that death appears normal in our society today.
These developments are not only unacceptable; they portend great dangers to the very essence of our national unity, progress and development.
Challenging, is the fact that the government at various levels has shown little or no capacity in confronting the banes of insecurity and our crumbling economy in the nation.
As an organization committed to the safety and welfare of its members, it is no longer expedient for us to fold our arms, trusting the government or the security apparatus to secure our students and institutions while these mindless cowards continue to wreck havoc in our campuses without any form of resistance.
Today, we make bold to state that the Nigerian nation is in a state of comatose, our condition is sine qua non to a dies irae, Nigeria is bed-ridden and dying. Nigeria is not working and has failed! Thus, this has necessitated our desperate calls through this press briefing to awaken the consciousness of the FG on their duty to Nigerians.
We cant be hypocritically celebrating democracy when the masses cannot enjoy the dividends of democracy. Just recently the FG through the Ministry of Information suspended the activities of the micro-blogging platform Twitter, what again do we need to confirm that Nigeria is being led by an Authoritarian? Theres in fact nothing worth celebrating about today.
Nigerian Students are thus demanding:

  1. That the government at all levels rise up to the occasion and secure the lives and property of Nigerians which is their first and most important constitutional duty.
  2. That the security architecture around our campuses be re-jigged to ensure maximum security for Nigerian Students studying anywhere in Nigeria.
  3. That the FG as a matter of urgency should convoke a national dialogue to discuss the way forward for the nation.
  4. That the FG should rescind the suspension of Twitter because it remains one of the most viable platforms where our students connect with their counterparts across the globe.
    To our fellow Nigerian students, we are aware of your displeasures over the suspension of the proposed protest, this was not easy for the leadership to take but we did, for the interest of Nigerian students as we gathered reliable Information of how some political elements with different agenda to ours have concluded plans to hijack the protest to ventilate their political opinions and sentiments. While every Nigerian reserves the right to their opinion and the right to protest, it will be dangerous to our members if the protest is hijacked as the security agencies have shared with us credible intelligence in this regard.
    Having considered the current security realities and the danger to the lives of our members in the case of possible hijack of the planned protest, hence the suspension of our proposed protest for June 12. The suspension of the protest is necessary to avoid a clash of interest and clash with security agencies that are on red alert to protect the nations infrastructures from security breaches on the proposed date as a result of many other protests slated for same date.
    Thank you for listening.

Comr. Ezenagu Victor
National PRO

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