Proves that Buhari has failed Nigerians; time to admit – Dr Emeka Kalu

Proves that Buhari has failed Nigerians; time to admit - Dr Emeka Kalu

The National Publicity Secretary of PDP Youth Alliance – PDPYA, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu, has bared his mind on the state of the nation, saying that the honourable thing to do at this point is for the Buhari/APC-Led administration to come clean and solicit for ideas to help them save Nigeria from their incompetence, cluelessness and bereft nature of administrative know-how.

Chief Kalu, who spoke with OHAFIA-TV News in Lagos, insisted that Nigeria is in catastrophy from all angles of national life and the COVID-19 pendemic has added salt to injury by throwing the out-of-idea administration into further confusion. The center can no longer hold. Yet they are throwing tantrums rather than admit failure.

“The Constitution of Nigeria states in Section 14 (2) b, that the most important function of government is to protect the health and safety of the people.
But what we see these days is opposite of the function of the Government. Everyday we read about how people are being massacred, why is it that way, girls get rapped and killed on a daily, people get masacared in their regions, homes due to insecurity and we are about to go into a major election period.

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“We only use our security forces for elections purposes but not to safeguard the life of our citizenry, how can we continue like this?

“I urge the Federal government to reach out to people with experiences in leadership on how to tackle security, people like HE Atiku Abubakar, HE Abdulsalam Abubakar, HE Ibrahim Babangida to consult with them widely to assist in coming up with a working strategy to get us out of this security quagmire.

“Nigeria as a nation needs mental sanity as this mental torture from Covid -19 is enough, we need a soft landing in our own country, the only place we call home.

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“At this time what we see is nothing but catastrophe as no one is safe with the present day activities of endless death, poverty, hunger, anguish and hopelessness. Let them know that coming out to announce to Nigerians that 39Million will go into poverty while more millions will lose their jobs is not the job of leaders. Announcing that NYSC may be suspended for two years is just a shame. What we want to hear is what they have done as solution as well as modalities in place to settle the endless loans on the head of Nigeria” he expertiated.

Chief Kalu further stressed on the burden of endless loan being heaped upon Nigerians by this administration, expressing worries for generations to come.

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“I shudder when I imagine the loan we presently have on our heads, over $27Billion and counting. How can we be taking loans for expenses, to service our needs? If Nigeria were taking loans to build industries, I will say kudos because such ventures can repay loans, but no, we are just satisfying our insatiable desires now without putting next generation in purview, them that we’re mortgaging their future out of our selfishness.

“If we keep perpetuating our borrowing spree, it will come to a point when no one can agree to give us money or we have a situation where the Chinese police will be domiciled in our nation to control some of our infrastructure to get their funds back.

“To me, that is highest sign of unrepentant failure”, he concluded.

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