Queen Elizabeth’s Handbag Is Not For Fashion (Details)

Queen Elizabeth's Handbag

Have you ever wondered that why does Queen Elizabeth always carry her handbag with her wherever she goes? I believe that many people might be thinking it is part of fashion but whereas, it is used as a communication device.

The way she positions this handbag send some secrete messages to her aides and staffs but nobody will know except you are being told. All the secret messages she uses this bag to send to her staffs and aides will be discuss in this article.

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If she changes the position of her bag from her left hand to her right hand, this means that she is tired of a conversation and she is ready to end it. Whenever she drops this her handbag on the floor, it means that she is tired of a conversation and she will like to be excused from the conversation.

Whenever she drops this her bag on the table during a dinner, this means that she wants the dinner to end in the next five minutes. Only her aides and other few people understands the messages her handbag is passing. She also use her ring to pass secrete messages too. If she turns the ring, she want to end a conversation immediately.

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