Rebuild Imo: Okorocha,Uzodinma,Anyanwu And Others Needs Urgent Training,They Lack Fortitude For Self Well Being

It is obvious that the activities of the members of the shadow government which are also forerunners of Iberiberism and familiocracy has gone beyond societal norms and ethics. This is to affirm that their behaviours and conducts in a society and state that is undergoing renaissance need to be addressed.

Indications have shown that no normal being is expected to go galga, putting in consideration what behavior is expected from us in line with our cultural dictates.

Research has shown over the years that training is one area of modern human learning that keep reforming both human beings and systems(Agbor, 2018; Jimogu,2011; Greg & Wilson, 2004).

Based on the benefits derived from the just concluded retreat held at oguta, is humbly requesting that His Excellency Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha as a matter of brotherhood and show of love to please organise a training session for our dear brothers mentioned at the heading of this write-up as a way to assist them live above frustration, anger, rage, stress and mood related problems. This will go along way to boost their self well-being. When this is done it will go along way to ameliorate the sufferings of our brothers whom out of rage and unforseen circumstances have deceived themselves into forming a shadow government which is the brain work of Febian Ihekweme as the expected shadow governor.

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As a psychologist with high repute, it worries me more than any other person who is also concerned about the activities of our brothers who ought to be in the fore front of the inclusive government of His Excellency Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, the governor of Imo state.

I,m humbly bringing this request to the notice of the governor to please forgive and forget the distractions and activities of these brothers of ours and see a way they can be assisted out of these challenges facing them, though it is part of rebuilding Imo. The process of rebuilding involves changing men and materials in Imo.

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Dear governor sir, by the statement of Jones and Ihekweme few days ago, it is clear that these brothers of ours indirectly needs to be subjected to intensive training, believe me sir, the outcome will benefit both the trainees and the state. It will go along way to reduce unwanted behaviours in our streets of Imo state. And those directly affected will turn any leave and rebuild Imo government will be applauded for such a giant strides. Sir, I know you as a man with a large heart, please sir the shadow government members are drowning in error, please sir, let your rebuild Imo government assist them in a time like now.

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His Excellency Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha is on track. Ride on sir. Imo citizens are behind your mission and vision.

By Jimogu, S. C

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