S-East NASS Caucus To Interface With FG, Others Over Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu

The South-East Caucus of the National As­sembly has resolved to intervene in the issues that led to the arrest of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu.

To this end, the Caucus re­solved to set up a committee to constructively interface with relevant stakeholders, the Fed­eral Government and its rele­vant agencies towards finding a political solution.

The Caucus, in its commu­nique, shortly after its meet­ing held at the residence of the former Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekwerema­du, in Abuja on Wednesday, reviewed developments in the South-East particularly the se­curity situation in the region vis-à-vis the sit-at-home order and the detention of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

The South-East Caucus, in its communique, “Expressed solidarity with our people of the South-East over the mar­ginalisation of the region in the scheme of things within the Nigerian commonwealth.

“The Caucus feels the pains of our people and their quest for equity, justice, and protec­tion of their lives and property in every part of the country.

“The Caucus, therefore, re­solved to continue to fight for a level-playing ground and an enabling federal system where Ndigbo are able to develop their homeland at their own pace and equally pursue their hap­piness and actaulise their enor­mous potentials in every part of the country, unmolested.

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“Reviewed the sit-at-home orders by the IPOB and the mayhem some nefarious elements have seized the op­portunity to visit on the lives, properties, and psyche of our people. The Caucus equally reviewed and rued the incal­culable economic losses and hardships these have brought upon our region.

“Resolved to condemn in strongest terms the disrup­tion of the ongoing Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination in some parts of the South-East, particularly the incident at Comprehensive Sec­ondary School, Nkume, Njaba Local Government Area of Imo State, where the English examination organised by the West African Examination Council (WAEC), on Monday, September 13, 2021, was ruth­lessly scuttled by armed men, who chased away the students, teachers, and examiners before setting ablaze motorcycles be­longing to the teachers.

“This is certainly not who we are as a people. On the con­trary, we are a people, who have always cherished and encour­aged learning from the ages. We are a people that fully appreci­ate the place of education in the liberation and enlightenment of the human mind and the socio-economic and political emancipation of a people.

“Equally condemned in strongest terms the incessant killings in the South-East. This must stop immediately. We call on the security agencies to unravel the culprits behind these wicked acts and ensure that they are brought to book to serve as a deterrent to others.

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“Noted with delight that IPOB has called off the Mon­day sit-at-home order and re­solved to ensure that nobody uses them as façades to bring ruination on Igbo land.

“Call on our people to go about their lawful businesses and enjoin our governors and the security agencies to rebuild confidence in our people by not only ensuring the security of their lives and properties, but also ensuring that our people feel safe as they undertake their legitimate businesses.

“Elaborately discussed the issue of Mazi Nnamdi and re­solved to intervene. To this end, we resolved to set up a commit­tee to constructively interface with relevant stakeholders, the Federal Government and its relevant agencies towards finding a political solution. We will keep Ndigbo abreast of de­velopments in regard.

“Appeal to our people not to allow anyone to destroy the South-East region. The post-war South-East was not built through government patron­age, but largely by the sheer determination and sacrifices of our people, who refused to resign to fate or bow their heads in defeat.

“It is in Igbo land that you easily find hospitals, schools, roads, and other social ameni­ties built by individual or com­munal efforts of the people, home and abroad, through the instruments of the town unions and other community organi­sations such as the age grades, Umuada, etc.

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“The result is the compara­tive transformation witnessed in every nook and cranny of Igbo land post-civil war. There­fore, as a people, we cannot be­gin to undermine ourselves or become our own nemesis.

“Anything that threatens Igbo businesses, the peace, security, and stability of the South-East threatens our very existence as a people. Conse­quently, bearing in mind that if we allow cracks in the wall, lizards will invade our home, we must all pull together as one people to discourage and resist any tendencies and actions, within or without, which pol­lute our business environments or encourages anarchy and in­stability in our region.”

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