Since My Childhood The Igbos have never been the problem with Nigeria – Genevieve

Genevieve Nnaji wrote…

“Ndi Yoruba na Igbo-Phobia”

The Igbos have never been the problem with Nigeria or

wherever they find themselves.

This is not ethnic jingoism or


The Igbos will never foment troubles where they are

because they know that “Isi Kote Ebu, Ogbaa Ya” They also

know deep in their hearts that “Ife Onye Metalu, Obulu.”

The Igbos will never kill others to live because they believe

that “Ndu bu Isi” Yes, murder or “Igbu Ochu” is one of the most

despicable crimes amongst the Igbos.

The Igbos believe that

once you are alive, there is always a way left to succeed.


“Igba Mbo” is perhaps the best gift of the Igboman.

Yes, the Igbos struggle to make it in life.

They are industrious,

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assiduous & sedulous.

The Igbos also believe in helping one

another. That’s why you hear “Onye Aghana Nwanne Ya.”

There is also no lateness in making it in life amongst the Igbos

because “Ebe Onye Oso Ruru, Onye Ije Geru” and Uwa Mgbede

Ka Mma” Igbo businessmen are scattered all over the world.

Wherever they are, they make their homes, building houses &

gentrifying districts.

For most lgbos, “Ala bu Otu.” Igbos are

liberal, accommodating & very friendly to foreigners.

This is

because they are themselves scattered all over the world as


Na Lagos, Ndi Igbo n’agba oso ahia, Igbo n’ere gala na go

slow, Igbo n’aru conductor, umu Igbo bu importers buru

manufacturers, Igbo no into clearing and forwarding, Igbo n’esi

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nri, umunna n’ere motor parts, Igbo n’aru police na oru aka.

Ndi Igbo adiro selective with jobs maka na onye ruo, orie.

But the Igbos will never take your lands or countries from you.

The Igboman thinks about his native home.

Yes, you will never

provide him with “akpu”, bitter leaves soup, palm wine, isi ewu

& other scrumptious dishes he misses at Igboland.

While living

in your country or State, never you imagine the Igbo is not

thinking about his village.

My friend, he does that everyday.

Where ever the Igbos ubicate, their hearts are not far from

their native homes.

Stop killing the Igbos.

They will only make their money & go

back to their land.

And they know how to make legitimate

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Yes, where you see nothing, the Igbos with their gimlet

eyes see “Ego.”

So when next you meet an Igboman, ask him “Nna, how far?”

If you are lucky & he had done a successful business deal, he

might just take you out for lunch. Yes, the Igbos like sharing.

On the other hand, if business is low, he will tell you the

normal clichés… “Obodo bu Igwe” or Ife an’eme Adiro Easy” or

“Ogbogu di tight.”

Look at his face closely as he laments.

You will see no signs of defeatism. Mind you, he might just be

carrying 1Million naira in his pockets.

Just that the money had

already been budgeted for… “Sontin…es!!!”

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