SMEDAN: Renewal Of Appointment Of Umar Dikko Radda,A Meritorious Decision For Excellent Performance

SMEDAN: Renewal Of Appointment Of Umar Dikko Radda,A Meritorious Decision For Excellent Performance
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By: Abubakar Yusuf

The news of the renewal of tenure for another four years as the Director General,Small and Medium Enterprises Developement Agency SMEDAN ,Dr Umar Dikko Radda filtered in like a wild fire both front the top ,middle class and the proletariats that displayed alot of conviction on a reappointment well deserved,for his strides in the last four years to rejig, reposition and relive the SME’s in Nigeria.

The re-appointment is again another opportunity to re-strategise the MSME’s with a view to delivering on it’s expectations particularly at this period of post COVID-19 pandemic and the global rating of unemployment rates in Nigeria at a low ebb of 33% .

The only leeway for ordinary Nigerians is to reinvigorate the SME’s and MSME’s through a well thought out program being executed by SMEDAN in the last four years.

Radda as the chief executive of SMEDAN in the last four years had made useful engagements in the areas of training, re-training, empowerment,capacity building and developement of many Nigerians to the excitement of both policy makers and implementors.

This positive developement had prepared ordinary Nigerians with the tool to approach the most accessible mode of transaction that made lives worthy of living and emulation.

This was also encouraged by series of collaborations between the indigenous and foreign bodies to promote SME activities at a high pedestal, that addressed the growing unemployment rates to decongest the labour market.

With this strides, many Nigerians no longer felt the impact of the global downturn of both the first and the second recession witnessed all over the world, owed largely to steady execution of programs of developement of MSME’s, the hub of a stable economy.

With grassroot initiatives,Radda was able to attract the chunk of lawmakers constituency projects and monitored it’s execution to the later all MSME’s programs to the consternation of the National Assembly members.

This collaboration alone had attracted more Investments in multi billion naira from the federal lawmakers through SMEDAN,with assurance and re-assurance of due dilligence being displayed by the leadership of the agency to the grassroot and targeted beneficiaries.

In his first stint, SMEDAN had played a leading roles in the industrialization of many communities across the country,many indigenous enterpreneurs and organized private sector had taken advantage of a robust leadership to create an avenue for the proliferation of small scale businesses.

This positive developement he intends to leverage in the new dispensation to advance a stable economy, with a self sustaining indices that will empower middle class and low income earners.

Radda’s well thought out template of reaching out many Nigerians with the provided 35 Billion COVID-19 pandemic grants, availed by the federal government, was the peak of breakthroughs for ordinary Nigerians affected by the total lockdown as a result of the global pandemic.

The post COVID-19 grant that was judiciously and prudently utilised for the benefits of ordinary Nigerians, was a big relief that had enhanced the developement and sustenance of MSME’s program and businesses.

This singular efforts and project executed by the new SMEDAN will be enough impetus to attract more Investments and investors both from goverment, individuals and the private sector.

In the next four years, Radda is expected to turn around and consolidate on the new system and template introduced that had taken SMEDAN SME’s developement to another level and the progress of Nigeria.

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