State Of The Nation, Economy In Near Comatose: Dr Kalu Offers Ideas

The state of the nation has continued to generate discussions across board as a result of the near-no-governmence and lopsided, directionless, nepotistic, and no security style of administration offered by the Buhari-led government.

The truth remains that no matter how much we decide to shy away from speaking the truth about the conditions of our nation, it can never go away. ‘It is a chameleon feces on which we have stepped upon, if you clean it cannot go’, in the words of a great Ghanaian poet.

On that note, I will commend Alhaji Umar who had sent and open later to Buhari, looking him in the face and pointing out to him, the nepotistic approach he has adopted in appointments while shunning the Federal Character, an action that has further divided Nigeria along ethnic and religious lines that have further pushed her away from unity that his predecessors worked hard to achieve.

I will also commend Prof Wole Soyinka for owning up to the realities facing Nigeria of late. I had severally said that Nigeria have been on auto-pilot for a while as Buhari seems not to be in charge of Nigeria. It had become a game of the volves where the strongest keep the spoils of the hunt. We have not given up on Nigeria yet.

But these notwithstanding, we must not keep silent over the dwindling state of our economy that is now in near comatose.
I want to advice that Buhari should not rest on his oars as the post-covid-19 economy will not be funny. Our nation cannot continue to run on loan being used to service personal expenses.

As far as Nigeria is not borrowing to build industries, refineries and production lines, we are in for tough days. A leader that does not invest in tomorrow has already failed.

We have locked Nigeria for too long without achieving anything as the COVID-19 cases continued to skyrocket. A government with clue will make alternative approach to managing the pandemic without grounding our economy.

I do not see sense in lifting air travel without considering measures to open interstate movement which comprises movers of our economy.
We can put precautionary and enforce preventive measures that will guarantee movement without transporting the disease.

Our country is under weight of debt without plans of escape. We would either put effort into production or keep enslaving generations to come.

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