Take A Look At This: Could Nnamdi Kanu Be Right About President Buhari ?

Even in the face of glaring failures in handling security challenges in the country along with united call for the sacking of security chiefs, the presidency insists their removal is not possible, arguing that it will jeopardize national security. How can the sacking of inefficient officers who have failed woefully in their duties, whose tenure of service have expired, jeopardize national interest? What exactly is this national interest? There is clearly something they are not telling us.

General Ihejirika was removed. It was good for national interest. I’m beginning to toe the line of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, that there’s a top secret. It appears those privy to this top secret, who themselves worked together to hatch it, have the nation shared among themselves. The service chiefs along with Defense minister are allotted military spending. There are others who are getting hush pay offs, and it seems to me Aisha Buhari is in this list. It seems to me Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is aware too.

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It seems to me Laetitia Dagan was assassinated because she stumbled into the secret. It seems to me Miyetti Allah, the umbrella body of Fulani herdsmen and the leadership of Boko Haram is in the know. It seems to me more money is wasted trying to keep this secret than anything else. So terror organizations in the country are emboldened in their attacks, and rather than deal with them ruthlessly, as Buhari was known to taunt, they are petted.

Following the altercations between Monguno and Kyari, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has reiterated that Buhari was long dead and buried in Saudi Arabia, and that Abba Kyari is the president of Nigeria. Definitely whoever that has taken the place of commander in chief has no power over the service chiefs. And my suspicion is heightened by the strategy by which all sensitive positions of government and security agencies are headed by people of the same tribe and religion. It seems to me it has something to do with keeping the secret a secret.

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I am tempted to agree with the Kanu assertion. Buhari was said to have returned to Nigeria from a London hospital that time. But he was kept incommunicado. No one saw him. The presidency said he will continue his rest and recovery from his home in Daura, and argued he can rule from anywhere. It didn’t go down well with the social media army, and that was when the use of the term ‘Presidency’ became prominent.

Shortly after that, he purportedly went to London again for his routine medical checkup. The next we saw is a brand new rejuvenated totally transformed Buhari who have no need of Medicare anymore. Looks obviously younger. Completely not in control of government. Those who lobby for political appointments pay huge to third parties in Aso rock, and whoever these third parties anoint gets through.

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And just as the service chiefs are irreplaceable, Magu, the EFCC chairman could not be substituted. Not even his serial rejection by the Saraki led senate could force his substitution by the presidency. It seems to me once you are privy to the grand secret you are forever in, and no power can change your place.

That the country is run by a cabal is not disputable. That unexplainable action of government in covering, protecting and empowering terrorists is clear to all. That there is an agenda to loot the nation dry and deliberately destroy it is an open secret. That terrorists are running the show is a fact. That someone who is not elected is the supreme authority in the country is a fact. And I dare say that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu may be right after all.

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