The Beast Of Kavos’ Rape Kit Discovered By Police

Kavos’ Rape Kit

Greek police have revealed the horrifying contents of a ‘rape kit’ that was discovered after a serial sex attacker who was nicknamed the Beast of Kavos was arrested last week.

The items found close to where 47-year-old Dimitris Aspiotis was arrested on Friday, included a loaded shotgun, knives, pliers, and two screwdrivers according to The Daily Mail.

Also included were several mobile phones, power banks, and a solar charging panel, an oil lamp, and candles, along with a pair of black gloves.

Aspiotis was arrested after falling down a cliff while trying to run from police near the town of Lefkimmi, breaking his back in the process.

The supposed homeless man was previously convicted of a string of attacks on women on the Greek holiday island and sentenced to 52 years in 2012.

However, he was released back on to the island in August last year after a change in the law, despite warnings from police.

Aspiotis targeted female visitors on the island, included at least four Britons. Police believe there may be more than 100 victims that have been exposed to his attacks.

The police officers explain further that his latest victim is an Albanian woman who was visiting the island with her partner earlier this month.

She went missing overnight on May 5, and the police found her in a hut four days later.

The woman informed the officers that a man had forced her into the woods at knifepoint and held her in the hut while forcing her to perform ‘indecent acts’.

Officers launched a hunt for the perpetrator, who allegedly is Aspiotis, before discovering him last week.

After being spotted by officers, he ran and jumped over a steep cliff towards a beach below, fracturing his leg, hip, spine, and rupturing his kidney.

Officers cordoned off the beach while a rescue team was brought in to get him off the cliff face.

It was further revealed that when Aspiotis was arrested he was found wearing a bum-bag with two phones inside it.

Searches of the area where he was found led to the discovery of weapons and equipment, which included a sleeping bag and other items for surviving outdoors.

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