The Gruesome Murder Of Ahmad Gulak, My Findings…

May, 30 2021 was just like every other day, but little did we know that some enemies of the land has something up their sleeves. They murdered sleep, the brought sorrow, pains and forced a peaceful family into sorrowful and mournful mood…. Gulak is no more.. One can imagine how traumatic and shocking the news was to the family, friends and associates and by extension his Former colleagues, Nasarawa state, the entire North and Nigerians at large. Allah knows the best.

A cursory look at the Scenes that played out behind the scenes before his murder the PLAYERS and Roles

Rochas Anayo Okorocha got in touch with Gulak and made some very uncomfortable statement and I quote ” For what you did to me, I’ll not forgive you” on a camera look; could this be as a result of Gulak’s role during and after APC primaries that produced Imo current governor? Or is there any other thing aside the above? Let’s concern ourselves with His roles in the APC primary elections in Imo. Recall, Gulak had earlier alleged that Okorocha attempted to kidnap him and some of his committee members while they were still in their hotel rooms, Thus the popular Question purportedly asked by Okorocha “WHERE IS GULAK”? Remember the search for Gulak by Okorocha didn’t stop in Owerri, they took it down to Izunaso’s House… What the search was for, is still yet be made known… May be Okorocha may have the answer…
Okorocha on his side, is yet to make any statement till date to that regard.

Could it be that The death of Gulak was as a result of his outright rejection of Okorocha’s offer of two million United state’s dollar plus a Luxurious jet ride offer by Okorocha prelude to the primary elections?
I sense vendetta and A murder as a result of political malice… Okorocha needs to answer to Nigerians why he told Gulak that “He will never forgive him” recently…

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The Senate Committee on constitution review meeting in Owerri – The Calls and to whom…

Okorocha Reached out to Sen. Orji Uzo Kalu, The senate minority leader and the leader of the committee to southeast urging him to cancel the meeting in owerri citing insecurity that he can’t guaranty their safety when the the current attacks are still not the way it was in the last few days.
Didn’t it spark up some Deep thought in your subconscious mind? Questions like;
Does it mean that Okorocha was pre – informed about the incessant attacks in the state?
Why did he not attend the meeting?
Did he had other plans?

OK, Orji Kalu didn’t yield to his request, He reach out to his wife…. Lolo Ifeoma Uzorkalu with same request, Another question should crop up in your mind like;

Why was he desperate for the Senate to call off the meeting slated for owerri? your guess will be as good as mine… Another pointer to were the bullets may have come from…

Okorocha’s desperate moves didn’t stop at the Uzo Kalu’s phones he extended it to the National Assembly. It is on record that he wrote to the Senate through the Senate president that the meeting be called off that their security can not be guaranteed by him, a move that was not heeded to by the Senate. Nigerians should now ask Sen. okorocha; If he is still the Chief Security officer of Imo state why the regular use of this phrase “Their security cannot be guaranteed by him”

It is also on record that those Okorocha recruited into ISN (Imo Security Network) while he was still the Governor of the state were not demobilized neither were they made to return their weapons back to the government as the law directed. It should also be worthy of note that those sympathetic to the Rescue Mission government are still using those Gun whirling boys as their guards and those guys are still having a cult like Loyalty to Okorocha a move that will keep one wondering why Okorocha did not do the needful by demobilising those lots.. Does it mean that he has another plans for those lots?
What did he mean when he said “If Uzodimma wants peace, he should hands off all his properties?

ISN and their possible involvement in the
Gulak’s Murder….*

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Okorocha said that his quietness is not a sign of cowardice and that no body has monopoly over violence a statement directed at a sitting governor should leave one asking, what was he planning and to what end will his plans get to?

Gulak left his hotel room full of life only to get his life cut short by those men of underworld.

Okorocha’s ISN are still very armed and are at large and can only listen to their commander in chief. The next question will now be;

What was Okorocha’s plan when he refused to demobilise the men of ISN on leaving office as the Governor?

What did he actually mean when he told Gulak that he will never forgive him for what he did to him?

What was Gulak’s Offense against Okorocha?

What was his plans when he issued a threat to the state government that, “There will no peace unless the government hands off from all his properties”?

As a senator or Governor, one doesn’t have the constitutional backing to command the police nor the Army, how then did he plan to execute his threats to both Gulak and Imo state Government if not through those ISN men who are very much loyal to him.

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Scare Mongering

Rochas was busy talking to who cares to listen that Imo is not secure, he said it to the presidency, urging the president to get involved and declare a state of emergency in the state a move that was totally rejected by the presidency,
he switched to the house of reps members (minority caucus), it didn’t fly and he tried to arm twist the Southern senators, they rejected his moves and suggestions… Then comes this questions;

Why is Rochas bent on discouraging high profile persons from visiting the state?

Why is he going around preaching a gospel of insecurity in the state?

Finally, We urge the security agents to investigate thoroughly with leads mentioned above but not limited to it.
The death of Gulak should not be wished away with just a wave of hand.. It needs to be used to serve a deterrent to all intending political assassins and their pay masters.


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