The Story Of Kogi State Used To Be Monkey Dey Work, Bamboo Dey Chop

The Kogi Central and the West generate the highest IGRs into the State government coffer yet they get the smallest as returns while the East gets the largest as against the smallest generated.

When you come to talk of Land Mass and Local Government areas, yes! The East got the largest numbers of Local Government and a very wide land mass that Kogi central can never compete with but what is there is that your land Mass doesn’t determine your Population or Your revenue generation.

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An area with the largest land mass can come up with the lowest population while an area with little land mass can emerge with a very high population.

The case of Lagos and Niger State, Niger State is large enough to swallow three of Lagos State yet can’t compete with Lagos in terms of the residents.

So bringing in Largest Local Government in Africa as a yardstick to make a claim for the vote rigging in Okene is baseless and senseless.

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Go for more fact findings and come out with relevant evidences to prove your claims.

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