There Will Be No Election And Campaign In Anambra State – Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu in his broadcast morning on Radio Biafra, expose some evil agenda being perpetrated by the Fulanis in Nigeria to islamise the country.

He stated that he is highly disappointed on how they are using our South East Governors to carry out their dastard acts on our people.

Hope Uzodimma, Okezie Ikpeazụ and Obiano are aware of what is happening in their states. They sold themselves cheap to Fulani and that is why they cannot condemn the killings and abduction going on in the South East.

He revealed that Army and DSS officials are responsible for the killings and Abduction going in the South East that there is nothing like unknown gun men and even our Governors in the South East are aware but has being brainwashed by the Fulanis.

The Fulanis are planning mass murder by 2022 and when that happens we become helpless. If we allow Fulani to achieve their evil agenda, we are finished, he said.

If Gov. Uzodimma, Gov. Ikpeazụ, Gov. Obiano and Gov. Wike keeps working for these Fulanis, they will die. Nnamdi Kanu said, since the killings and Abductions in South East has been going what efforts have they made to condemn the act and what have they said about Pantami’s issue on supporting terrorism, nothing yet they choose to keep quiet because they have been brainwashed by the Fulanis.

He went further to say that all the extrajudicial killings going in Anambra State what has the Governor done or said about it? He chooses to keep quiet because he is serving Fulanis interest in the East.

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Anambra has become the hot bed of Fulanis for execution and abduction of people.Obiano will never be forgiven and will continue to suffer all the days of his life and anywhere he is seen around he will be beaten by the people, Kanu said.

He stated in the Video that there will be no election and campaign in Anambra State and if any election holds, Anambra will be shut down.

He went ahead to say that the Governors and his evil cabals are using corp members to perpetrate some evil acts in the community and also revealed that they are renting houses for DSS and Army in Anambra to come down to kill and abduct more people.

He gave an ultimatum to the Governor that there should be no vehicular movement from 12am-5am in the State as from today because that is when the DSS and Army operate to carry out their evil plans to kill and abduct people.

He said that they should inform everybody living in Anambra to adhere to this ultimatum so that he will see how they will carry out their evil agenda. He advised the youth to wake up and guide their people in the odd hours of the night before these Fulanis achieve their evil agenda.He warned that the Governor should not flaunt his order on the restriction of vehicular movement from 12-5am.

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Wike is no longer sleeping in the Government house, i will find him he thinks after killing IPOB members in Oyibo River State, he will go scot free. His cups are filled both with the Governors in the East that are working hand in hand with the Fulanis, Nnamdi Kanu said.

He also warned all the Landlords in Anambra State to be wary of the tenants they allow to live in their house especially now that they are recruiting Army and DSS to Anambra State to come and kill and abduct people.

Landlords should take audit of every body living in their apartment to avoid the danger looming in Anambra State so that our people will be safe.

Furthermore, Nnamdi Kanu reveals the identity of the man who killed his parents and 28 young men in his area when he was raided on 27th Sept. 2017. Etim Enem Okon in Zone 9 Police Station, Abia State is the one responsible for my parents death and the 28 young people that died on Sept., 2017. After killing my parents, Okon said he will kill more people.

Etim Enem Okon has been looking for a way to kill me and he was even boasting about it saying that any state that is under his control, he is going to expand it through extra judicial killings.Nnamdi Kanu warned the people of Abia State to be very careful and vigilante over this man.

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He gave an order to the Governor of Abịa and State and International Community to produce Okon within 14 days from today if not it will rain brim and stones in Abịa State.

He should be arrested for manslaughter in my hometown. Wherever he is with his family members, they should locate him, arrest him and prosecute him. I want to use him to set an example so that they will understand that we are insane, kanu stated.

Okon and his family members shall die and his family wiped out or shut down on earth. The Papers will report him since he still have the temerity to boast and speak boldly around Abịa State.

We must unleash war on the Governors working with Fulanis to kill our people since they don’t understand the evil plans of these people.

They must die and their families will also die even if it means all of us loosing our lives in the course of the fight. They are fighting against us but they will not win because “ChukwuOkike Abiama nonyere anyị” that is the Lord is with us.

Nnamdi Kanu expressed his disappointment over Nigerians on Pantami’s link to Terrorism. He said that a terrorist is serving as a Minister in our country and we cannot even remove the idiot from Office no wonder they said Satan dwells in a black man because we don’t know anything, he added.

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