There won’t be riding on Buhari’s integrity, love again 2023, APC chieftain warns

A national secretary’s aspirant from Bauchi state and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Dr. Samaila Dahuwa, has urged the party to step up it preparations ahead of 2023 general elections, fairing that President Muhammadu Buhari will not be there again for anybody to ride on his integrity.

Dr. Dahuwa, who is seeking to replace the former national secretary and now governor of Yobe state, told newsmen in an interview at the national secretariat of the party Wednesday, that for fairness sake, Bauchi state should be given the position of the party’s national secretary so as to place the party in a better position to win elections in near future.

Dahuwa said: “Why should we say the position should be given to Bauchi state? The actual condition that led to Yobe state producing National Secretary of the party has been overtaken by the event.  We all know that Bauchi is a heavy weight in the region we need in term of number of vote given to APC and President Muhammadu Buhari.

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“Unfortunately,  in the last election,  Bauchi state lost governorship election to the PDP.  This event though came to us as a surprise because we won 15 out of 20 local governments and we still lost the  election.  But now the election is actually being contested in court.  

“However, as it stands today Bauchi state has no elected APC government.  Because of that we are akso without any officer in the leadership of National Assembly both at the Senate and House of Representatives, without any member of NWC of our great party,  our party is going to be put at very serious disadvantage in the state and we believe that conceeding the position of National Secretary to Bauchi state will be a good thing for the party,” he stated.

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While expressing fairs regarding the post-Muhammadu Buhari’s administration in the party, the national secretary’s contender said: “In view year now it is going to be challenging and politically vigorous for the party, this is going to be post Buhari’s administration and we have to understand that our opponents are working  day in day out tirelessly to see how they can dislodge APC  come 2023. 

“It is a national assignment that anybody who loves Nigeria will have to put his heads and hands together to make sure thatt the era of PDP does not come back to Nigeria. It is important for us in APC to start thinking from now because we have to be very strategic and we believe that giving Bauchi the position of the National Secretary and to someone like me will invariably  put our party back to its tracks.

When asked the reasons for his fear for APC on post Muhammadu Buhari’s government, the Bauchi borno politician said: “President Buhari has brought about serious change and stability in the country. So many things have changed. And we have the fear that any post Muhammadu Buhari’s administration that is not there to consolidate on the gains must be resisted. That is number one.

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“Number two, we all know that quiet numbers of politicians got their tickets and elections on the back, love of Nigerians and the integrity of President Buhari. It has been lime tbat in 2015 and it has repeated itself in some places in 2019 but 2023 there won’t be Muhammadu Buhari in that capacity, so that is reason why I said we have  our games because there will be nothing lime riding on the back of President Buhari to win elections.”

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