Tinubu Presidency Will Not Stop Oduduwa Agitation, It Will Be A Disaster For Nigeria – Femi Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode tinubu

Femi Fani-Kayode former Minister of Aviation has taken to his verified Twitter account hours ago to reveal that the prospect of a Tinubu Presidency is not a welcome development for the people of South West of Nigeria. Adding that such a Presidency would not stop the agitation for Oduduwa nation, but it would rather strengthen and embolden them. He said the worse that would happen is that it would be a disaster for Nigeria. 

FFK was reacting to the report from the meeting that was held on Sunday by APC governors in the South West in Lagos State. It was gathered that at the meeting, the governors agreed to the decision of the 17 South East governors taken at their May 11, 2021 summit in Asaba, Delta State, especially on ranching and ban of open grazing in the entire Southern states.

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It could also be recalled that the APC leaders also rejected calls for disintegration of Nigeria, saying that the country needs religious and ethnic unity to progress. This came amid calls for the creation of a Yoruba nation in the South West of Nigeria.

While reacting to this development, Fani-Kayode made it clear that those governors that met in Lagos only represent a tiny group of the Yoruba nationalists and the majority of the people in the SW. According to him (FFK), he was quoted as saying “they cow tow to, beg and lobby the separatists behind closed doors, and they condemn and disown them before the world. Such intellectual dishonesty, doublespeak and cowardice is reprehensible.”

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The former Aviation Minister, Femi went further to say that the governors of the South West want to break off from Nigeria, but instead of having the courage of their convictions, they tell the world otherwise simply because they want Bola Tinubu to be President. 

He was quoted as saying “… Such a Presidency will not stop the separatists: it would only strengthen and embolden them. Worse still, it would be a disaster for Nigeria.”

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He added, “one of the lessons that Bola Tinubu and those with him will soon learn is that it is a very dangerous thing and an exercise in futility to move against a moving train. Those that met in Lagos yesterday only represented their own narrow mindset and band of thinking and their political party.”

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