Two Of My Brother’s Friends Stab Him To Death At A Joint


The two (2) young men whose pictures appeared below, with names: Ewezugachukwu Bernard Ezeugbaja (fair in complextion) & Ebube John Okeke (dark in complexion) attacked my younger brother @ a beer palour, he ran into a nearby bush to escape from the attack. They followed him right inside the bush, hit him with a club and stab him with dagger five times in the stomach. They left him there in the bush thinking he was dead. They ran away, my brother came back to the beer parlour where the attack started with his intestine ripped open. It was at that point that people around sensed danger and started dispersing. Those that attacked him ran home, wash their blood stained body and ran away. It was a family friend that took the victim to hospital where he was rejected and referred to Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital, Nnewi. He lost blood and the doctor confirmed he was stabbed five times in the stomach and the kidney was damaged. The hospital tried to save his life but he died after thirteen days. 

This is the summary of what happened. Now the purpose of this post is that I want to plead with good members of this forum in general and the mods in particular to help spread this information until the world knows that the duo of Ewezugachukwu Bernard Ezeugbaja & Ebube John Okeke are murderers. There’s doctor’s report and the case has been reported to the homicide department of state CID, Awka. If they are not guilty of murder let them come out boldly and face this case. They should stop hidding let them come out and stop deceiving people. To those harbouring them, they are also guilty of murder, they should come out and condemn injustice.
No hidding place for the golden fish. This incident took place on the 27th of October, 2018 and since then the whereabout of the suspect’s is unknown. The mods should please help do the needful. More blessings!
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