Virginity Is Not Pride Of A Woman

Virginity is not the pride of a woman, unless it is connected to a good personality. We have a lot of ill mannered virgins who lack morals; They masturbate, they watch porn, they even do same sex, they steal, they lie, they are not just born again. You might seek to ask, how possible it is to be a Virgin and still lack morals? Yes it is very possible cos morality isn’t all about outward gestures.

Real morality begins in the heart. Possible to be a virgin but always lusting..

Come to think of it, Some people are not virgins cos of the right reasons. They are still virgins cos they have restriction and cannot fulfil their sexual dreams. Hence they remain unbroken, but their state of mind is already bastardized.

Virginity is not the pride of a woman. Character is.

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Cos we have so promoted that virginity is the pride of a woman, a lot of girls commit suicide after loosing their virginity cos they believe that they can never worth anything. Please, in as much as having sex is wrong, its also wrong for us to say sex makes people worthless. Maybe it does, but not wise to exaggerate it.

A lot of girls are forced to feel worthless cos they’ve been told that to lose their virginity means to lose all it takes to me a woman, which is gibberish. You don’t lose all when you lose your virginity. And I don’t seek to use this message to encourage randiness. Sex should be avoided till marriage, but if you’ve done it, it doesn’t disqualify you as a good woman.

Virginity is not the pride of a woman. Character is.

Do you not know that some virgins will go to hell?

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Do you not know that its possible to lose your virginity and still end up in heaven?

Virginity doesn’t mean purity in all cases. Purity transcends physical intimacy. Purity is deeper than not having your Hymen broken.

Virginity is good, but its never a criteria to determining a good woman. ‘Are you a Virgin’? Won’t be among the first 10 questions I’ll ask any woman I’ll settle to marry. Even if she used to be a prostitute, I think I won’t eat her Hymen, having her Hymen intact won’t make our marriage fluffy.

Marriage is a result of the connection of two purpose driven people. And realistically, sometimes we become purpose driven after committing woes in the past. And so?

Why should people’s past determine their current worth?

If you think a man will marry cos you are only a Virgin, You are on the longest thing ever. Make sure your virginity transcends the sexual own, let it touch emotional virginity, Social Virginity, Religious virginity, Mental virginity, And virginity of all other facets of life.

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You are a Virgin doesn’t mean you are good, But you can be good after losing your virginity.

Virginity is not the pride of a woman. Character is.

But then if she has virginity and character, It’ll be very great.

Please, I bear no responsibility if after reading this, you encourage yourself to start messing around. I am innocent and not an influence to your actions. Keep being a virgin. If you have lost yours like my mother did for me to come out(lol), it doesn’t mean you are worthless.


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