We Can See Clearly Now, Gov Uzodimma Better Than What People Say

Gov Uzodimma

By Ogu Bundu Nwadike, M.A

Ndigbo say, you don’t set the tongue of a trap from far. Anaghi ano uzo tii aro ube onya! They also say, the person very close to another person can know the smell of the person’s mouth. Onye no madu nso na ama ushi onu ya!
Those sayings have relevance to one of the major challenges of mankind in their relationships. Trust. Over the generations, the concept of trust has been a crucial issue in human relations in all ramifications.

That situation has resulted in mistrust and distrust. Excessive incidents of conspiracy, propaganda and blackmail, betrayal and sabotage have continually made the concept of trust a very costly product.

Yet, amid all the mistrust and trust, there are few trusted people at each point in time. The problem is identifying them and associating with them. It requires making the acquaintance of people and subjecting them to tests of trust.

Instructively, it takes trusted association to know people better. And when people are better known, malicious stories about them become of no effect. Hasty conclusions and easy swallow of gossip, rumour, and speculative negatives about a person won’t make any scratch at the person or pull a hair out his body.

His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, the Executive Governor of Imo State is one good leader that’s grossly misunderstood, misrepresented and excessively maligned with falsehood, propaganda and blackmail.

Before we made a very close acquaintance of his, we had all sorts negative impressions about him. But right from the day we got close to him, we saw a totally different person from the one we were made to see from a bad light.

We have steadily observed him from close range and researched into his antecedents and all we unearth are things that prove him to be a good man m, unlike what we and many others that are yet to get close to him thought he was.

In short, we can see clearly now. It won’t be a song of praise and worship for us to swear that Governor Uzodimma is so much better than what people say. He’s everything different from what many people think about him, which his detractors concoct to fight him in his business and political career.

Take for instance the argument about his education and educational background. It has been established that he’s not the only educated but highly educated. His well articulated interactions in both private and public have since erased all questions and gossips about his education. He’s well-educated!

We have come to note that contrary to the erroneous notion by his detractors, which they peddle like cooked groundnuts at Ama JK, Douglas Road, Ama Awusa and other areas of Imo State, Governor Uzodimma spread constituency projects widely across Orlu Zone that he represented in the Senate for eight years. The records are there!

We were told some things about his past, which we now see as snippets of hypocrisy of hypocrites, who bend to look at another person’s butt, forgetting that they too have butts that are open to the view of other lookers. Everybody has a history!

Above all, the very impressive records of Governor Uzodimma’s business-like approach to good leadership and good governance delivery, and the attendant accomplishments and achievements in a record time of 22 months in office, has strongly countered all the negatives that had been poured upon him by his detractors.

Beginning from the day he assumed office, he addressed the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, which sparked off at exactly the same time he was sworn into office. It was such that Imo was the last state to record a victim of the disease, according to the official records of the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

The heat by the opposition was quite intense following their ouster from office by the Supreme Court of Nigeria judgement. All sorts of protests by workers and pensioners were recorded over the payment of salaries and pensions.

So much noise was made by the opposition about the conditions of the roads. The impression was that Governor Uzodimma wasn’t doing anything about the roads.

Then came the strange insecurity, which saw unknown hoodlums and unknown hooligans ride the State roughshod in a manner made them look like hired hoodlums and hooligans.

Their attacks were gathering momentum in such a manner that Governor Uzodimma had to seek the help of the military to save lives and property from malicious damage by the unknown hoodlums and unknown hooligans.

Gradually but with observable determination, Governor Uzodimma has brought everything to normalcy. Protests by workers and pensioners have stopped. The incidents of attacks by the unknown hoodlums and unknown hooligans have been curtailed to the barest minimum. There’s observable peace, safety and security in Imo State.

Just recently Governor Uzodimma returned to the rightful owners, about a thousand land and landed property recovered from Senator Rochas Okorocha, who illegally acquired them when he was governor of the state for eight years, 2011-2019.

What we’re driving at is that the good work being done by Governor Uzodimma does Correspond with the nature, character and conduct was attributed to him before he became governor. He’s far much better than what people said about him.

He prays. He blesses. He associates. He sympathizes. He empathizes. He commiserates. He felicitates. He condoles. In short, he’s human. Many don’t know all of this about him!

A short essay as this may not be suitable to articulate the true Governor Uzodimma we have from close quarters as against the mischievous and treacherous misrepresentation that his detractors have been making against him.

Hence, we’ll stop at this juncture and encourage Ndimo and Nigerians to use the verifiable accomplishments and achievements of Governor Uzodimma to cancel any negative notion that may be stored about him. Truly, he’s better than what people think and say about him.

By God’s grace, Imo State must be rehabilitated, reconstructed and recovered!!

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