We Need To Sit Down And Ask Ourselves Whether We Want To Remain As One Country Or Not – Aisha Yesufu

So many times cessation talks have been going on, several people have think the solution the country needs now is to cessede and the regions should go on their several ways to form their own nations.

In the east, Nnamdi Kanu has been talking of them leaving Nigeria to form their own nation Biafra.

Sunday Igboho is agitating for the south west to form a nation known as Oduduwa.

The era of fulani Herdsmen terrorizing the people all over the country, and the federal government inability to stop them as awaken the long years of agitations for the new republics.

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And people thinks with the current insecurity problem we have in the country only by separating we can have peace.

Aisha Yesufu, a human right activist has also spoken about it in her tweet.

Saying, it’s time we sit down and think as a republic maybe we really wants to have this country or for everyone to go in their separate ways.

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