What Are Your Thoughts About Bible Versions?

What Are Your Thoughts About Bible Versions?

I’ve always been a lover of the King James version of the Bible since I was young, but on a particular day, I saw a white Good news Bible on my dad’s bed, I skimmed it and I was sold on. Since then, I’ve always found newer versions easier to read.

Fast forward to when we had phones and internet, I got updated with conspiracies of how these modern versions are satanic.

Till date, I still read multiple versions of the scripture, and I have not seen any solid proof that these versions mean any harm. I’ve not seen any version pervert the core message of salvation, and other Biblical principles.

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I believe in the ability of the Holy Spirit to teach us as we read, since the scriptures say “the letter killeth” (2nd Corinthians 3:6) Afterall, if we all want total “originality” of the letters, we should all be reading the Hebrew scripts and learn the language.

What are your thoughts about Bible versions?

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