What come to your mind when you hear Nigeria?

I’m from Nigeria and I’m pretty sure I can guess what most foreigners would think once they hear “Nigeria”. You’d think ‘Home of Scammers’ lol, I’m not wrong. ‘Seat of Corruption’, because of our leadership, ‘Unsafe’ because of the continuous threats we face, be it Boko Haram or Fulani herdsmen. But sadly, that’s all they might think of my country.

Nigeria has alot of flaws but notwithstanding, It is a Beautiful Country, rich in culture and overflowing with equally beautiful people. When I hear “Nigeria”, I think of ‘Diversity’, I think of our ‘unique way of life’ , I think ‘Potential for growth’and so much more. The bad seeds who have tainted our glory and negatively influenced our image to the world are not true Nigerians. But I hope one day, the way I see my country will be the way the whole world sees it.

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