What You Need To Know About GirlChild Destiny For Better Tomorrow Organization (GIDBET)

GirlChild Destiny For Better Tomorrow Organization (GIDBET), though officially registered as non governmental organization by Corporate Affairs Commission of Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2019, have commenced her humanitarian activities since 2011.

The organization seeks sustainable solutions to long-term and short-term challenges facing the girl child and children and her immediate environment through an integrated, community-based and participatory approach that reinforces civil society as well as government initiative.

Through an array of empowering measures, it works to open opportunities for girl child and improve their living conditions. GIDBET, at present, is engaged working with various stakeholders,private sectors and government institutions to ensure that over 50,000 girls and children across the federation are provided with basic knowledge and resources on building their future through formal and informal education.

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Our vision

  1. Creating Awareness on Educating and protecting our Girl in our
    Communities for a Better / Greater Generation.
  2. Campaign against Early Child Marriage.
  3. Empowering / Educating Girls, Children, Women and Youth
    Entrepreneurship Training
  4. To improve Access to basic Education for Girl Child through
    supporting the enrolment and retention of Girls missing out of
    School at home and diaspora
  5. Say no to Child Fundamental Rights Abuse
  6. Say no to Child Trafficking
  7. Say no to Commercial Sex Worker
  8. Say no to Girls Child Social Vices

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