When I Talk It Is Politics, If I Am Silient I Have Been Bribed – Mbaka Speaks About Bad Governance

When I Talk It Is Politics, If I Am Silient I Have Been Bribed - Mbaka Speaks About Bad Governance

Catholic Priest and the spiritual Director Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), Very Reverend Father Cammellus Ebenizah Ejike Mbaka has during sunday program condemned the way many things are being handled in the country. He said a prophet speaking out when the government is not getting it right on the citizens is part of the work of God, say he do not know why always ask him to face the work of God each time he talks about bad governance. He asked which one is politics and which one is work of God?

The outspoken Catholic priest said he do not know what is behind the power in the government that non of the leaders keeps their promises after they ascended the political posts. “They will come here for prayers promised to take care of the poor masses but at the end they will turn to bad leaves. Are they cursed he asked?

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Fr. Mbaka in his further statements during the Palm Sunday’s Holy mass homily said that the country has all it takes to take good care of the citizen but the politicians are evil minded and corrupt. “All they think is how to look the public fund and nothing else. They think God is asleep? At the right time all of the will be disgraced. Just wait and see, it is a matter of a very little time. I know what I will do, they will know that there power on the altar of God, he added.

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The catholic clergy stressed that nothing is working properly in the country, “our graduates are unemployed and the government pretends they do not know what to do. Although what the country is suffering now might be as the result of the attrocites they committed long ago but st least the leaders should have Godly mind to rule not the other way round. A Prophet cannot be silent, so I cannot be silent. If you are a prophet and you are silent then you are not real. He said.

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He further cleared the air on people’s stand about silent prophets, says there is nothing like a silent prophets. He urged those who refers to Joseph, the father of Christ as a Silent prophet to stop it. He maintained that Joseph was just a capinter and was choosen by God.

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