When You Lock Down Over 200 Million Nigerians, You Can’t Quantify Lives Lost — Gov Bello

Kogi State Governor, Yahya Bello

Kogi State Governor, Yahya Bello, has reacted to second waves of COVID-19 currently being recorded in the country, purchase of vaccines, and the possibility of a second lockdown.

Speaking on Channels TV Sunrise Daily this morning, the governor said he had taken a position on COVID-19 and didn’t see himself shifting away from it any time soon or ever.

Governor Yahya Bello described COVID-19 issues in Nigeria as gimmicks and antics, merchandising of foreign products that are not marketable in the country. Some people advising Mr. President begins to take a wrong trajectory. 

He asked Presidential Task Force and NCDC to stop copy and paste in the management of COVID-19. Defending his statement, he said he had said in the past that Kogi had no cases of COVID-19. He added after one month of intensive testings in the state, no single case of COVID-19 was confirmed by NCDC officials, state Ministry of Health.

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“Please I think I would rather be excused from discussing COVID-19 because I have taken a position and I don’t see myself shifting away from that position any time soon or ever. I said this against the backdrop of the fact that we saw a lot of gimmicks and antics, merchandising of foreign products that are not marketable in Nigeria at all. I said this long a long ago that some people who are advising Mr. President continue to take a wrong trajectory. 

“You can’t, for crying out loud, do cut and paste on issues like this. Let me quickly summarize this by saying this and then quote me anywhere. If in the winter in Europe, America and other places outside the world, they are turning on heaters both at home, at work and when they are driving along the road. What do you do in Nigeria? You turn air condition. Why are we not turning on ac in homes and offices. That is the challenge we are facing in the management of COVID-19. 

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“I don’t think we should apply same solution across. Here we are in Kogi State. We said we have no COVID-19 and as a matter of fact, we have no COVID-19. After one month of intensive testings by NCDC workers and officials, not one single individual was tested positive. They went to institutions, market places, streets, villages, and cities, and not one individual was confirmed positive. In Kogi, when students are resuming schools we carry out tests for both indigent and outside students coming into the state. Our hands are there, we ensure they don’t manipulate numbers. You see all these brouhaha coming up on the issues of COVID-19 and vaccines, I don’t think we deserve it now for an economy Mr. President inherited struggling — recession, low-income — and Mr. President is doing his best to ensure he pulls it out of the woods. I think those of us that are charged with the responsibility of advising Mr. President should do that with utmost fear of God Almighty. Let me tell you when you lock over 200 million citizens at home for one day, you cannot quantify the number of lives that have lost. Livelihood lost can never be regained. We don’t need this marketing strategy that is happening in the country today. It is most unfortunate. Unfortunately, they are there. They are doing their jobs whatever it is. Honestly, I am not on the same with them.”

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