Why Nigeria needs Atiku, now more than ever – Dr Kalu

Why Nigeria needs Atiku, now more than ever - Dr Kalu

One of my serious advocacy is “Good Governance” in Nigeria and around the world because only through good governance would Nigeria get out of the woods and darkness of political misfortunes bedeviling her now and curtail a hopeless future that is nonetheless, presently shrouded in uncertainty, hoplessness, killings, joblessness, insecurity and economic quagmires.

The primary essence of initiating Global Initiatives for Good Governance, GIGG, was not for self-Serving purposes, but to holistically look beyond the spectrum of political deceptions that abound in Nigeria and view the genuine rays of hope that remains for a dying nation like Nigeria, bringing them to fore, supporting it, while hoping for a turn around of the Nation back to safe grounds on progress and purposeful nationhood.

For this reason, we have unwaveringly, unreservedly, and equivocally continued to believe that the only solution Nigeria needs at this point in time in her history is a man with the Atiku kind of leadership experience.

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I am an advocate of youths in politics, but I also believe that the youths need a bridge between the older generation of leaders and the younger generation where they would be properly built and prepared for the overwhelming challenges ahead, Atiku is that bridge.

Alhaji Atiku will be the best to stabilize democracy in Nigeria as we know that we are not reaping the dividend of democracy now, no freedom of speech, if u speak against the government you become a target. We need someone that understands Governance, Rule of Law and laws of privatization to jump start the economy and save the continued spiral descend into oblivion.

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Atiku is someone that has history of creating jobs, a detribalized Nigerian and one that can bring Nigeria out from her myriad of troubles created out of ineptitude and bigotry.

We need a President of Atiku’s acumen who have extensive experiences in creating jobs and building up infrastructures to move the country forward. No person can take it away from him as he is capable of turning Nigeria a Dubai in AFRICA if we support him to make this 2023 Bid a reality.

We need to go back in 80s when Nigeria Airways has enough fleet to beat best Airlines in the world, a pride that has become past history.

We must not continue to deceive ourselves that all Nigeria need is good leaders, we need more than that, we need the right laws and good leaders with the right experience to translate the good leadership into good governance for the good of the nation.

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Alhaji Atiku has a track record of success that can be brought to bear on Nigeria to turn her fortunes around. Let us strongly agree that the times of trials and error like we had in 2015 is over. This is time to shun sentiments and look beyond tribe and fantasy to settle for reality which Alhaji Atiku Abubakar stands for in the mission to rescue Nigeria from mistakes of the past in leadership.

Chief Dr Emeka C. Kalu

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