Will Nigeria ever get better?

Nigeria can get better. And I strongly hope Nigeria gets better soon because that’s the only country I have.

Nigeria getting better really depends on a lot of things. But I will mention just a few.

  1. When we realise Nigeria is our country and follow our pledge. To be faithful, loyal and honest. To serve the country with all our strength
  2. When we vote in good leaders who trully love the people and not leaders that only want to steal and milk us dry.
  3. When we curb corruption and insecurity so foreign investors can find their way back to the country which will help increase employment rate.
  4. When we increase the things we export to earn higher currencies.
  5. When we work on our dilapidated infrastructures.
  6. When we stop ostentatious living but focus on capital investment.
  7. When we start to demand for accountability from our government instead of hailing them when they milk us dry,build mansions and keep tax payers money in abroad banks.
  8. When we come together as one to speak and let the government know we are no longer going to accept their dramas because we are tired of the situation of the country.
  9. When we stand up to fight for our rights without getting scared of being killed by our untrained men in uniforms.
  10. When we realise it’s time for a revolution.
  11. When the life of the most unfortunate Nigerian matters to the government.
  12. When we realise it’s time to act like the giant that we are.

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