Willy Obiano Is Working But Anambra Roads Is Bad!!!

If you live in Anambra State and dying to know what a place might look like after sustained aerial bombardments, just make a quick tour to either of Amansea, Ebenebe, Ugbenu Ugbene, Awba-Ofemili Road that was 60 percent completed before being handed over to the current administration in the state.
Or another trip to Aguata, where Isu-Igbo road, by havoc of neglect has turned into Isu-Igbo River, fit enough for water transport only if it will lead anywhere.

Of course, Anambra is not at war with anybody. Why you have these infrastrutuaral calamity can be attributed to human and governance catastrophe called Willy Obiano, the state governor and his havoc wreaking party, All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).

No thanks to them, Anambra is listed as one of the seven states with the worst road infrastructure in Nigeria.
The Ekwulobia, Oko, Isuofia and Igboukwu roads in Anambra State have been eaten up by deep erosion, with marks that look like aftermaths of earthquakes, this is even as the state benefits from Nigeria’s Ecological Fund.

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Anambra is among the biggest commercial centres in Nigeria. It houses one of West Africa’s biggest markets—the Onitsha Main Market.
Also, Nigeria’s first self-made vehicle line, Innoson Motors started in Nnewi.

The aforementioned achievements could have been good enough reasons to make journeying to and from the state a smooth venture.

Governor Obiano always claims he is working but this is not evident in the uneven roads across the state.
The situation is made more tragic because, of all the states mentioned, two of which are in south east, Anambra has the smallest land space. But unlike the states, Anambra has the largest capacity to generate sufficient revenue to solve the problem. Aside Onitsha, there is Nnewi, arguably the largest spare parts market and manufacturing hub in West Africa. Even Ekwulobia is no small fry in terms of market and commerce potentials.

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Money generated by these huge markets goes just one way, into a void created by Obiano’s misgovernance.
You see, Anambra, according market wonks is about the only organically developed market hub in Africa.
But while other states appear to properly capture their IGR and reflect same, Anambra Internal Revenue Service, (AIRS), is like a sieve, leaking valuable revenues into the hands of greedy hands of corrupt elements within Obiano’s government.
The potentials to generate money and actual figure generated where Anambra trails far behind these states is made possible by what the average Anambra man knows as the ‘Aguleri Cabal’.

For those who do not know, the Cabal is an illegal tax syndicate cum political influence peddlers strongly connected to Willy Obiano, outgoing governor of the state, his wife, the governor’s family and high ranking members of APGA.

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They hold Anambra’s economic fortune and destiny by the jugular. It’s the singlular reason why road networks are bad in the state.
As bad as this is,

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