Without equity, restructuring, It won’t work, NUF replies Fayemi


NDIGBO Unity Forum (NUF) has said there cannot be successful restructuring of Nigeria’s, polity and economy without justice and fairness to all constituent groups.

The Chairman of Nigerian Governors’ Forum (NGF), Kayode Fayemi, at 10th and 11th Lecture Series to mark Zik’s birthday at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, had called for restructuring in lieu of secession agitations, as the best option to solve Nigeria’s problems.

But in a statement made available to The Guardian, yesterday, the NUF leader, Uzor A. Uzor, accused Fayemi of being economical with the truth in his isolated reference to Somali and Southern Sudan as countries that had not fared better since their independence.

Uzor observed that Fayemi had looked away from realities in such countries as Eritrea, Czech and Slovak, among others, that were flourishing as independent nations.

According to him, dialogue remains a major pathway to achieving peace and progress, adding that there is nothing heroic in dying for a cause, which dialogue and negotiations could help resolve.

“Can you effectively restructure Nigeria in the face of glaring injustice, when a section of the country has hijacked everything, ranging from the higher number of states and local governments? Kano State alone has 44 local councils, which almost equals the entire local councils in the entire South East.

“In the appointments of service chiefs, there is no single person from the South East zone deemed qualified to be appointed as a service chief,” he said.

NUF claimed that “there is no federal presence in the entire South East geo-political zone,” except the security operatives packed to the zone to allegedly sabotage the economy through extortion, traffic gridlock and inhuman treatment of the people, as well as outright killings of innocent citizens.

“There is no industry. The road projects are carried out in haphazard manner. They prefer developing rail track in Marada, Niger and Chad than putting the projects in this (South East) area.

“Employment opportunities are not extended to the people of the zone since the emergence of this regime,” it added. “Recently, judicial officers were appointed, no person from South East was included.”

Nigeria would continue to grope in darkness as long as people like Fayemi refused to say the truth, but hide under their selfish agenda to proffer solution for Nigeria’s corporate existence, NUF noted.

For the Igbo socio-political group, it is this lack of honest and fair-minded leaders that fuel the agitation for secession in the country, especially from the South East and South West, due to absence of justice and fairness in all ramifications.

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